Meghan McCain Slams Jennifer Lopez As ‘Deeply Unpleasant’


Meghan McCain is not holding back in her critique of Jennifer Lopez, branding the pop icon as “deeply unpleasant.” The TV personality threw shade at J.Lo, alleging an unpleasant encounter on “The View.”

As rumors of trouble in paradise between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dominate the headlines, Meghan McCain’s sharp remarks have only added fuel to the already blazing gossip mill.

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Meghan McCain Criticizes Jennifer Lopez For Diva Behavior On ‘The View’


Known for her forthright opinions, McCain recounted an unpleasant encounter with J.Lo during an episode of the daytime talk show.

According to the political commentator, J.Lo displayed diva-like behavior when she appeared on “The View,” where McCain co-hosted from 2017 to 2021.

“She had the biggest entourage I’ve ever seen. More than Kim Kardashian and the president. I just don’t really understand why it was needed,” McCain recalled.

On the June 7 episode of her podcast, “Citizen McCain,” she elaborated on her experience, saying, “I, too, have similar negative stories that everyone else does.”

While McCain expressed mixed feelings regarding J.Lo’s behavior, she also acknowledged a concern about the growing negativity towards the singer.

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“I feel bad because we’re turning a point where there’s bullying happening to J.Lo.She just is a deeply unpleasant person,” McCain stated, not holding back.

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Meghan McCain Alleges J.Lo Targeted Her Podcast Over Critical TikTok Clip

Jennifer Lopez is seen leaving the studio wearing her wedding ring amid split rumors

Per The New York Post, adding to the tension, McCain remarked further on J.Lo’s appearance on “The View,” saying:

“She was not nice. You don’t always have to be so nice, but it was just surprising given that people like Kim Kardashian  could be more delightful. And when you’re coming on a show for a 10-minute segment. Just fake it till you make it for 10 f–king minutes.”

The 39-year-old and her co-host Miranda Wilkins discussed how J.Lo allegedly targeted their podcast after they posted a critical TikTok clip in April.

McCain claimed, “She had our video taken down,” before noting that the video was eventually restored on TikTok. However, this this not stop Wilkins from pointing out that they were “beefing with her right now.”

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Inside Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Divorce Rumors

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez in a car

The couple had been making headlines recently, with rumors swirling about potential marital strife. 

Over the weekend, The Blast reported that amid the split speculations, J.Lo and Affleck allegedly hired realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency to sell their $60 million marital home. 

Reportedly, Arana had been “showing the house for around two weeks” but had yet to find a buyer.

While the couple is reportedly asking for “around $65 million” for the property, selling at this price would mean incurring a loss. This is due to the costs associated with home improvements and the broker’s commission.

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J.Lo And Affleck Living Separately Amid Divorce Rumors And Home Sale

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck take a private cruise on the Seine river

Before photos of the couple’s home appeared on the real estate site Zillow, sources shared that Affleck had moved out of their shared home as they “just couldn’t make it work.”

The insider revealed that Affleck preferred to focus on his new movie, “The Accountant 2” after allegedly deciding to “call it quits” on their marriage. According to the source:

“The writing is on the wall – it’s over. They’re headed for a divorce – and for once, [Ben’s] not to blame!”

They continued, saying, “He’s focusing on his work and his kids now. Ben already moved out, and they’ll likely have to sell the dream house they spent two years searching for.”

Despite their separation, the insider noted that while the couple would always love each other, “there’s no way it could have lasted.”

Meghan McCain Opened Up About Tensions With ‘The View’ Co-Hosts 

Meghan McCain at the 2022 White House Correspondents Dinner red carpet

Despite recently calling out Jennifer Lopez for her alleged diva behavior on “The View,” McCain’s latest revelations mirrors her previous intense grievances with her former co-hosts and the show’s producers.

Last December, The Blast highlighted that McCain appeared on Michael Malice’s “You’re Welcome” podcast, where she opened up about the ongoing slander she faced from her ex-co-hosts.

The TV personality recalled a particular, stating, “I was picking my daughter up from school when I got texts from friends saying Ana Navarro had compared me to Hunter Biden on air, insinuating that I had basically done the same things as him.”

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McCain emphasized that she was considering taking legal action because she was “being accused of crimes on ABC News, and it’s serious.” McCain further shared her frustrations, stating, “I can’t go like a week without something being said about me on this show.”

After expressing her surprise at the enduring nature of the conflict, she lamented the impact on her personal life, saying, “I just didn’t know that when I signed to do this show that I’d have to deal with these crazy old people just yelling about me all the time.”

McCain pointed out that while she had not thought about her former colleagues or the show, it was not the same for them. In her words, “Apparently, I am just on their minds every day. And it’s pathetic.” 

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