Meghan Markle ‘Remorseful’ Over ‘Bad Blood’ With Kate Middleton


Meghan Markle reportedly feels “remorseful” about her soured relationship with Kate Middleton amid rumors that she’s looking to mend rift with the royal family.

Although Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, reached out to the Princess of Wales in the aftermath of her cancer diagnosis, royal experts don’t think there’s any hope for their “frosty” relationship to be repaired.

There have also been speculations that the Sussexes’ relationship is under strain because Meghan Markle is starting to develop anxiety about the future as her current reality is not what she had envisioned.

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Meghan Markle Feels ‘Remorseful’ Over Feud With Kate Middleton


Meghan and Kate did not have the best relationships, even in the years before the former’s marriage to Prince Harry.

The former actress notably had a fallout with the Princess of Wales over flower girls’ dresses at her wedding to Harry, and ever since they resigned from their royal roles and made bombshell accusations against the royal family, their relationship has further soured.

According to royal expert Hilary Fordwich, Meghan is “remorseful,” but the damage to her relationship with Kate may be irreparable.

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“Meghan Markle is purportedly remorseful… Well, one would hope,” Fordwich told Fox News. “It’s just being spread that she doesn’t want any bad blood. … Of course, she wants and needs some sort of reconciliation… [But] Meghan Markle has a long way to go for Kate to ever see an upside for the royal family or the public in a reconciliation.”

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Meghan Markle ‘Genuinely Feels Hurt’ By The Royal Feud

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend the RAF100 flypast at Buckingham Palace, London, UK, on the 10th July 2018. 10 Jul 2018

Meghan is understood to be reeling from the fallout with the Windsor family and is now aiming to extend an olive branch.

A source told Express that the mother-of-two “genuinely feels hurt” by the estrangement from the royal family but that it remains unlikely any reconciliation would take place.

“Harry is more willing to move on, let’s just say that,” while Meghan would like to have a conversation to mend things with the Windsor family.

“It’s not a case of Meghan being difficult, she genuinely feels hurt and would like some kind of sit-down to hash things through — but that’s not something the other side is willing to consider at this time,” the insider explained.

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The Duchess of Sussex Might Not Return To The UK With Prince Harry

Harry and Meghan attend Day Two of The Invictus GamesThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex watch the Athletics on Day Two of the Invictus Games

It comes as the Duke of Sussex is understood to be yearning for a return to the UK in hopes of securing a permanent residence and seemingly mending broken ties with his family.

However, royal expert Hugo Vickers predicted that such a reconciliation would happen without her in the mix.

After quitting their royal roles, Harry and Meghan relocated to the US in 2020. The Duke of Sussex has returned several times since then, but the duchess only touched UK soil once during Queen Elizabeth’s burial procession.

Vickers, a known royal biographer who co-wrote Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent’s 2022 memoir A “Royal Life,” told The Sun that Harry would someday return to the UK permanently without Meghan.

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He described the father of two as an “angry” person who is “petrified” of losing Meghan but suggested that he’d come back home someday without her regardless.

“I think he’ll come home,” he said when asked where the Sussexes would be in 20 years. “I think he’ll come home and if he comes home, we must be very nice to him because he won’t particularly want to. He’s quite angry, I think.”

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Relationship Allegedly Faces A ‘Growing Rift’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The couple’s relationship is reportedly experiencing duress following the lack of acceptance of their business ventures since relocating to the US.

Harry and Meghan have dabbled in several ventures that have experienced varying degrees of success and have been embroiled in several controversies since coming to the US. The latest was the public outrage following the Duke’s ESPYs Award nomination.

Royal expert Tom Quinn explained to the Mirror that the pair face a “rift” as the brick walls they keep running into have seemingly gotten to her and that she feels “under siege” as her experiences are different from her expectations.

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“There is a growing rift between Harry and Meghan caused by Meghan’s increasing concern that her life is not going in the direction she had planned,” Quinn told the news outlet. “She loves media attention and hates that surveys suggest she and Harry are no longer of much interest to the American public.”

“With news that the couple’s Netflix contract may be under threat, along with the mockery that greeted the launch of her online brand, Meghan feels very much under siege,” he added.

The Duchess of Sussex’s  Netflix Cooking Show Is In Post-Production

Meghan Markle

Meghan is said to have wrapped up the production of her Netflix cooking show, which was announced earlier in the year as part of her and Harry’s $100 million deal with the streaming giants.

According to a who spoke to the Daily Beast, “It all went well, and it is in the can,” although the former actress or her team has yet to confirm any details.

The insider also claimed it was unlikely that Meghan was shooting additional shots for the project when a TikTok user spotted her recently with what appeared to be a film crew in Beverly Hills Park.

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