Megalopolis Early Reviews: Francis Ford Coppola’s Bold, Messy Sci-Fi Movie Demands To Be Seen – SlashFilm


IndieWire’s David Ehrlich was one of the biggest fans of the film, tweeting that the silliness was “a feature, not a bug” before going on to say that it gives him hope for the future of movies in his review, which is pretty effusive praise. Regardless of whether people loved it, hated it, or fell somewhere in the middle, people’s responses to “Megalopolis” are intense. Here are some of the best reactions from around twitter, starting with Ehrlich’s:

Back in the United States, the rest of us will have to wait until “Megalopolis” gets picked up for distribution to see it (it has distribution in some international countries already), but for now, we can dream of the fall of New Rome. 

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