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In that sense, Carol has a bit more in common — personality-wise, at least — with another Avenger: Tony Stark. Emboldened anew, DeConnick composed a long email to the Marvel execs, using her personal theory on classic cinematic triangles to explain Carol’s role in the MCU.

Typically, trios in film share characteristics with other members of their group. “Kirk is Spock plus McCoy,” DeConnick explained. “Harry is Ron plus Hermione. Luke is Han plus Leia. That’s the formula.”

For the Avengers, it was no different: “Carol is Steve plus Tony. She’s got Tony’s spunk and swagger and she knows how to flip a wrench, but she’s also a soldier like Steve is and she has that sense of duty.”

That email essentially sealed the deal. Marvel brought DeConnick on as a consultant for “Captain Marvel,” and she served as a key resource to Carol’s character during production. With Marvel, the writer discussed Carol’s personality, her books, and “what mistakes I felt had been made with her in the past.” Though she was no longer involved with the comics, her influence is all over “The Life of Captain Marvel,” a revamped edition of Carol’s origin story that aligned much more with her arc in the film.

The character is still finding her way in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, but Marvel owes a lot to DeConnick. That’s especially true now, with the Avengers seeking a new leader. DeConnick’s work effectively positioned Carol as a successor to both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, meaning that whenever the Avengers do assemble anew, they’ll at least be in great hands with Carol.

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