Matthew McConaughey Shares Painful ‘Bee Swell’ Selfie


Matthew McConaughey has always been a heartthrob, but his latest selfie is causing quite a buzz.

It looks like the “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” had a run-in with a bee, and the results were anything but alright, alright, alright. The entire right side of his face swelled up like a balloon, making it impossible for him to open his right eye.

Despite the mishap, Matthew McConaughey kept his cool, sharing the nasty snap with his followers who simply can’t get over it!

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‘Gold’ Actor Shares Buzz-Worthy Picture


On Wednesday, the “Sing” voice actor shared a selfie on his Instagram and X social media accounts, and fans were left with their jaws on the floor.

While McConaughey managed to smile, it was hard to ignore the pain he must have been in, with the entire right side of his face puffed up.

But what caused the swelling? His caption seemingly told the entire story in just two words.

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Matthew McConaughey Says ‘Bee Swell’

The snap was captured with two simple words, “Bee Swell,” indicating that he had been stung by a bee (or bees).

After fans saw the post, comments poured in, as many couldn’t believe what they saw. “At least you’re still smiling. Stay away from the bees!!! They appear to be out to get you!” one follower said.

“That looks bad, bro!” one X user replied. “Bee sure to take Benadryl and bee well soon, Matt!” another advised.

“Keep on, smiling on there, McConaughey!! Legends last longer than bee stings! Remember that!” another wrote.

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Fans Have Fun With Matthew McConaughey’s Bee Sting

Matthew McConaughey visits the Empire State Building

Thousands more comments poured in from the actor’s fans and followers, including one user who said, “Wow, that’s a swelling to bee sure (sorry). Hope it gets better soon.”

“To Bee or not to Bee… that’s the question,” a second wrote.

“At least it was your all right, all right, all right, all right eye!” another chimed in while one X user simply said, “Beehave!”

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‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ Actor Loves Taking Road Trips

Matthew McConaughey attends Guy Fieri Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

It is unclear if McConaughey got the bee sting while he was on set filming, but considering his love for road trips, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched that he had a run-in while traveling.

“I’m on the road every weekend now,” he told Pursuitist last month. “I’m on set in Louisiana for my new movie, but I drive home every weekend to be with my family. I got my new Navigator in January and I’ve already put 13,000 miles on it. Man, that’s a lot of miles, but I love it. I love the solitude. It’s great to have some time to myself.”

As he spends so many hours in the car, what does the actor do to bypass time? “I start out the morning with my NPR, then I’ll ease into some other stuff, and then who knows, around 2 AM, I’ll probably be listening to Pink Floyd,” he told the outlet.

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Where Does Matthew McConaughey Like To Go?

Matthew McConaughey at Illumination and Universal Pictures Presents The Premiere of Illuminations: Sing 2

The actor admitted that he is more of a spontaneous type and doesn’t usually plan out his travel.

“I only pick one thing; North, South, East or West. I just get on the road and go. That’s the point,” he said. “The only other governor I give myself is what’s the time limit. Alright I got two months, we’ll just head out and after I get going I’ll figure out where I’m going.”

“You know, you travel, you’re not free right when you walk out the door. You’ve got to get out and get your separation before you can settle down and go, ‘Ah, now I’m on time.’ When I leave business, when I leave L.A. the clock’s moving too fast,” he added.

Why Did The ‘Dallas Buyer’s Club’ Actor Quit Acting For Two Years?

Matthew McConaughey at 'The Beach Bum' Los Angeles Premiere

Matthew McConaughey is best known for his rom-coms such as “The Wedding Planner,” “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,” “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” and more, but he wanted to try and head down a different path, leading him to step away from Hollywood for two years.

“I’ve usually zigged when I felt like Hollywood wanted me to zag,” McConaughey told Interview Magazine. “When I had my rom-com years, there was only so much bandwidth I could give to those and those were some solid hits for me. But I wanted to try some other stuff. Of course I wasn’t getting it, so I had to leave Hollywood for two years.”

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“Dude, it was scary. I had long talks with my wife about needing to find a new vocation,” he continued. “I think I’m going to teach high school classes. I think I’m going to study to be a conductor. I think I’m going to go be a wildlife guide.”

The actor eventually returned to acting, and when he did, he wowed Hollywood as he won the Oscar for best actor for his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club.”

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