X-Men ’97 Has Slyly Resolved One Of Marvel Animation’s Most Frustrating Cliffhangers – SlashFilm


“Spider-Man: The Animated Series” and 1993’s “X-Men” share a universe, and they even had a couple of crossovers, meaning this is the same Peter Parker from that show. The “Spider-Man” cartoon was significant because it also took the approach of mostly adapting big storylines from the comics, and it also gave us an early multiversal story involving several Spider-Men, which would eventually take an even bigger leap with various “Spider-Verse” stories.

The original run of “Spider-Man: The Animated Series” had a subplot involving Mary Jane Watson. First, Mary Jane fell into an interdimensional portal at the end of season 3, one created by Green Goblin. She appeared later, but we eventually learn that the Mary Jane we’ve been following since after season 3 is actually a clone created by Miles Warren, and she eventually dies. In the series finale, we learn the real Mary Jane is still alive somewhere in the multiverse, and Spider-Man sets out with Madame Web to find her. 

Unfortunately, “Spider-Man: The Animated Series” was never able to resolve that cliffhanger, because the show was axed due to lack of funding. According to producer John Semper Jr. (via his Facebook), Fox ordered 65 episodes, and that is what was delivered. “New World, who actually produced the show, had gone out of business, so there was nobody to pay for whatever costs Fox wouldn’t cover,” he said. A pity, since there were ambitious plans that never came to be, including an even bigger “Secret Wars” episode.

But thanks to X-Men ’97,” we’ve got some closure for MJ, and perhaps there’s a chance that we’ll see that classic Spider-Man animated series get a revival too.

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