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Some audiences may also be interested to see how “Madame Web” connects to the more recent Spider-Man films starring Tom Holland. Cassandra Webb’s closest co-worker is Ben Parker (Adam Scott), better known to Spider-Man fans as Uncle Ben, the character whose preventable death motivated Peter Parker to become Spider-Man in the first place. Ben teases Cassie by telling her that he just started seeing someone (obviously Aunt May), and his sister Mary (Emma Roberts) is very pregnant with a son, who will very likely be named Peter. 

Given the 2003 setting, “Madame Web” would indeed fall in line with the Spider-Man pictures set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Peter Parker’s age syncs up perfectly. Sony’s Spider-films do indeed connect with the MCU as seen in “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” and “Morbius,” although many lingering MCU fans would be happy to contest this statement and reject turkeys like “Morbius” and “Madame Web” as being connected to their favorite flicks. 

More than anything, audiences may be watching “Madame Web” out of morbid curiosity. It wasn’t merely panned, but became roundly mocked for its silliness and writing. “Madame Web” will be the subject of an episode of the comedy podcast “How Did this Get Made?”, and one needn’t look too deeply into the YouTube film pundit scene to find breathless fanatics calling it the worst movie of all time. 

It’s not the worst movie of all time by a long shot (seriously, see more movies), and many might even find it enjoyable; I loved the hang-out, slumber party vibe it gave off when the four lead characters were together. Plus, it features pretty people like Johnson, Sweeney, and Scott doing their darnedest to make their roles dynamic and fun.

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