Mark Wahlberg Had Some Beef With The Departed Director Martin Scorsese – SlashFilm


At the time, Wahlberg was deeply devoted to his craft, often preparing for roles by visiting weird, seedy locations. He also liked staying in character when the cameras stopped rolling, which posed a problem with a mean character like Dignam. Staying in character off-camera, by the way, is not one of the tenets of Method Acting, but certain actors have affected the practice nonetheless. Walhberg was one of them. 

Walhberg doesn’t elucidate which role he auditioned for, but one might assume it was one of the two lead roles occupied by Damon or DiCaprio. He also did indeed get paid, so his comment about not getting paid was likely slang for not getting paid a larger amount. Wahlberg said: 

“I was a little pissed about a couple of things but look it all worked out in the end, I think. Originally I was supposed to play another part. Originally I was supposed to get paid. Originally, I was supposed to be … you know. And then we agreed that I would play Dignam, when I saw the advantages of playing that part and how I would approach the situation with everybody else playing opposite me.” 

It certainly sounds like Wahlberg was gunning for a larger role, and that he was only briefly angry that he was relegated to a supporting player. Luckily, being a supporting player in a Scorsese movie about Boston gangsters was no small feat in itself. 

But then issues arose over Wahlberg’s hair. He revealed that the shoot for “The Departed” was interspersed between the actor’s filming of “Four Brothers” and “Invincible,” and he was required to get hair extensions that he refused to remove for Scorsese. Some assumed he wore a wig.

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