Mama Tot Pleads For Bullying To Stop: ‘Please Leave Me Alone’


Popular TikToker Ophelia Nichols, better known as Mama Tot, is tired of being harassed and bullied and recently shared a plea for it to stop.

She’s been dealing with her fair share of bullies and while she wants to be present for her loyal followers, she’s feeling a break from the app might be necessary.

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Mama Tot Asks For Bullying And Harassing To Stop

TikTok | Ophelia Nichols

Sounding like she’s at the end of her rope, Nichols shared a message on TikTok about the bullying she’s been dealing with.

“Man, please leave me alone. That’s about as nice as I can put it,” she said while sitting in her car eating. “If I’m not bothering you, why are you bothering me?”

She said there’s a “crazy man” telling people that she’s an “industry plant.”

“I am just some lady that lives in South Alabama that loves people and tries to make them have a better day because things are hard in their life, including mine,” she continued.

“And then I got somebody messaging me, I quote word for word, says, ‘Threaten my cousin again and see what happens to you.’ First of all, who the hell is your cousin? Second of all, I would never. And third, didn’t you just threaten me in the dagone message?”

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Nichols sounds like she’s about had it with the insanity of people bullying or harassing her, and wrote in the comments that she’s taking a break starting Sunday, “Taking my behind to a whole another country for peace.”

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Mama Tot’s Fans Are Concerned For Her

Nichols’ TikTok video went viral quickly with more than 4 million views and nearly 12,000 comments in just a day. Many of her fans and followers are concerned for her.

“Mama Tot, please take a break. It’s not worth the stress. we will be here when you’re ready to come back,” one person wrote in the comments. Another added, “We ride at dawn for Mama Tot.”

Others just wanted to make sure Nichols knew she was appreciated and cherished.

“Leave Mama Tot alone. She only deserves beautiful wonderful things,” one follower wrote.

One other shared, “How can anyone bully Mama Tot? Don’t they realize how many of us might not be here today if it wasn’t for her?”

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A Follow-Up Video Talks More About The ‘Industry Plant’ Comment

Mama Tot responded to a comment on her viral video asking to be left alone, sharing more of the backstory of what’s going on.

“They’ve messaged us multiple times to warn us that you’re a plant lol. We work to end human trafficking and they were afraid you were part of it. Yep. We told them the same thing, go away,” the comment left by Beyond Duality said.

Nichols addressed this comment by first saying she’s been accused of many things, and usually just laughs it off, but this time.

She then explained how she recently gave someone $325 and they turned around and made a video saying “Mama Tot doesn’t care about her followers” and that when they reached out to her for help, she “told me no.”

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“She was making these people believe that she had asked for that money and I told her no and told her to go figure it out herself,” Nichols continued. “I looked at the comment section and it was, ‘I knew it, I knew she didn’t help people,’ or ‘I knew she wasn’t a nice person.'”

Nichols saw this content when she was on her “sneaky” account so no one would know who she was. When she went back on her regular account and tried to go back to that page, she found out she was blocked.

She continued her video by explaining that she’s seen and heard a lot of “untruthful things” while on the app.

Mama Tot Has Been Dealing With Bullying From One Particular TikToker For A While

Ophelia Nichols
TikTok | Ophelia Nichols

Back in early April, Nichols shared a simple video explaining her right to block people who affect her mental health. This came after some ongoing issues with another TikToker named Brandon who had been causing Mama Tot grief.

“As a creator and a real person, I have the right to block anyone away from this account. I am my own advocate for my mental health and if people on the internet are harming my mental health, I (me) will take action to protect my peace,” she wrote. “I get bullied daily. I have been harassed since losing my baby child nonstop. I don’t reply. I simply block. Nobody knows what I go through daily because I keep it to myself.”

She then explained the situation she had been dealing with.

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“If I am mutual with someone and I have given them plenty of chances to leave me out of their chaos with other creators and they don’t, you are blocked,” she continued. “I shouldn’t be punished for that. I don’t get involved in other people’s drama.”

Many viewers shared support in the comment section.

“Mama Tot you are in the right on this one because I’ve heard of all the drama, especially about the Brandon guy and you have done the right thing, you’re just a human being like us and you deserve space,” they wrote.

Another added, “Your mental health comes first. Social media is very toxic for creators and too many people either don’t know or understand that.”

Content Creators Have Shared More Information About One Of Mama Tot’s Bullies

A content creator who goes by @kween_of_all_trad3s shared a video about Brandon and why Mama Tot blocked him.

“First and foremost, it’s none of your business why she blocks people. We all know that Mama Tot is a wonderful, beautiful person on this app. She will move mountains for those that she really believes in,” she said in a stitched video. “And as far as I know, she’s done the best that she can to be a genuine, honest, helpful person on this app, but unfortunately, people take advantage of her.”

Mama Tot dropped into the comment section of the video to address the message.

“I love you. Thank you for still being kind. I didn’t have a choice. I don’t want to be used for his drama and constant tags and asking to battle. I don’t battle and I’ve said that loudly,” Nichols shared.

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Others also chimed in about the Brandon situation.

“This Brandon guy seeks out drama to play a victim,” one person said. “I love Mama Tot. She is one of the best on this app!! Brandon loves drama,” another added.

Others said that Brandon is “obsessed” with Mama Tot and that he lacks boundaries and is a “clout chaser.”

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