Singer Macy Gray’s Son Accused Of Abusing Her, Daughter Files For Restraining Order


All is seemingly not well at the home of singer Macy Gray, as her daughter, Aanisah Hinds, has filed a temporary restraining order against her own brother, Tracy Melvin Hinds, claiming that he constantly “abuses” them.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Aanisah is accusing Tracy of getting into a “physical altercation” with Gray and “harassing” everyone in their household. She claims she called the cops on several instances and was advised by police to file a restraining order against him.

Macy Gray’s Daughter Files Restraining Order Against The Singer’s Son


Macy Gray’s daughter, Aanisah, 29, has taken legal steps to seek protection from her younger brother, Tracy, whom she claims has been abusive towards everyone in their home, including his mother, the singer, and her fiancé, Cornel Pearson.

In her court filing, Aanisah went into detail describing the alleged abuse at the hands of her brother.

She wrote, “Tracy got into a physical altercation with my mom [Gray], he followed her and harrassed her as he always does when he drinks. My boyfriend [Cornel] tried to remove my mom but he continued to follow them until he fought my boyfriend.”

Adding, We waited for cops to come while he continued to bang on the doors of our rooms, looking for confrontation. After he was out of the house, we locked the doors, but he came back through a window and began harassing [us] again. Later, he pushed me, and he has done so many times.”

Aanisah further claimed that the cops eventually showed up but advised her family to file a restraining order as they had no video of his alleged assault.

She is seeking protection for herself, Macy Gray, and her fiancé, Pearson.

Macy Gray’s Daughter Describes Other Instances of Alleged Abuse

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In the filing, Aanisah shared past incidences of alleged abuse from her brother, Tracy, recalling an incident where he allegedly threw a drink at her and punched her fiancé, causing the two men to fight.

She claimed that her brother was “drunk and [belligerent]” during the said incident and “argued with everyone in the house.” According to Aanisah, her boyfriend stepped in when an allegedly intoxicated Tracy began pushing her. This made Tracy “irate” and caused him to fight his sister’s fiancé.

“Tracy was drunk, and my boyfriend was forced to defend himself. Tracy threatened to kill my boyfriend and constantly harassed us,” the court document read.

Aanisah added that at the time of this incident, they did not call the cops on Tracy because they wanted to get him help for his alleged alcoholism.

As for why Macy didn’t file the documents herself, Aanisah says she is a “celebrity” and doesn’t want to spend time arguing this in court. So, the decision was made for her daughter to file the case.

The documents include a request for her son to move out. It appears the family all lives together in the Los Angeles Valley.

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