Whew! Ludacris Sparks Social Media Debate After Saying THIS About His Pen Game Compared To Jay-Z’s (WATCH)


Ludacris has sparked social media reactions after speaking about his pen game compared to Jay-Z‘s.

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Here’s How Ludacris Compared His Pen Game To Jay-Z

Ludacris appeared as a guest on a recent episode of Cam Newton’s podcast, ‘Funky Friday,’ which was released via YouTube on Friday, May 10. About 49 minutes into the interview, Newton asked Luda about Jay-Z while playing a game of “Win, Lose, or Draw.”

“Verse — like, if I sit this person down in a room and sit you down in a room [and] you guys have two hours to create a verse — Ludacris vs.Hov,” Newton posed.

In response, Luda said he would win in that scenario.

“A verse? I would have to say ‘win.’ I would win on that one,” Luda explained.

The rapper acknowledged that his statement was “strong” or bold. However, although Hov is one of his favorite rappers, he believes his bars can outdo Hov’s.

“…I mean, I’m just gonna go in and metaphor and style — in terms of like flow, I’m gonna kill that s**t,” he explained. “And it’s not that Hov is not gon’ kill that s**t, but I’m like, when you say s**t like that and it’s put me in a category where I’m like, ‘Oh s**t, I’m going against Hov,’ I gotta like — every f**king word, every line, every style, every flow, every metaphor, I got to go!”

Watch his statements below.

Social Media Weighs IN

Social media users shared mixed reactions to Luda’s “strong” statement in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @_iamsteveking wrote, Luda deserves his flowers! His bars, delivery, and overall artistic style is unmatched. And let’s not act like he ain’t destroy T.I. during they rap beef.”

While Instagram user @444beystreet added, First off all Jayz wouldn’t even have to write his verse to demolish Luda but I like his self confidence 😂”

Instagram user @marktaronoburchell wrote,Jay Z has picked better subjects to rap about, his bars are more meaningful & impactful. Luda is nice though”

While Instagram user @amazinpriince added, I agree with Luda but Wayne is still the greatest so all this is irrelevant.”

Instagram user @freshprinceofthesouth wrote, Boy Luda lyric game crazy! 💪🏾”

While Instagram user @omoakin added, Is he suppose to say somebody else will beat him at his own craft ? 😂”

Instagram user @skyboujee wrote, That big ahh hat is all the cap I needed to see”

While Instagram user @theflossyinformer added, Jay don’t write ✍🏼 he raps straight off the dome”

Instagram user @jaydiee wrote, why yall acting like yall don’t know who Luda is??”

Ludacris Recently Made Headlines For THIS

As The Shade Room previously reported, Ludacris went viral earlier this year after Katt Williams name-dropped him during an interview with Shannon Sharpe. At the time, Williams accused Luda of being a part of the Illuminati.

Additionally, Williams called Luda’s wife ugly.

In response, Luda took to social media to send some bars Williams’ way. The rapper accused Williams of trying to take his shine and being a clout-chaser.

In response, Williams took to the mic to unleash his own set of bars against Luda, per The Shade Room. Williams titled his diss ‘Hit Em Up Part 2′ and referred to Luda as a “fraud” who is on the “wrong side of history.”

Most recently, Ludacris responded to his viral exchange with Williams while appearing on ‘The Breakfast Club.’ At the time, Luda explained why he viewed Williams’ remarks as “laughable.”

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