Love Island UK and Love Island USA’s Dramatic Casa Amor Moments


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Casa Amor is the ultimate relationship test on Love Island.

The dating show first became must-watch summer TV in the U.K. in 2015 with a stateside spinoff premiering four years later in 2019.

“It feels like a Sims game. When I walked in, I was like, ‘Whoa, this is a computer game.’ … It just didn’t feel real,” Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, one of the U.K. season 8 winners alongside now-ex Davide Saclimenti, exclusively told Us Weekly in June 2024. “And for me to make it feel real, I had to (wrap my head around) the idea of, ‘This is it. The cameras? Ignore them.’ So it took me about a week to just completely ignore everything and then be me. Because I was like, ‘This is surreal! There’s (even) cameras in the toilets!’”

On the show, a cast of islanders live in a shared tropical villa in couples. While navigating blossoming relationships, new “bombshells” are sent in to test the pairings. Weeks into the journey, the couples are split up with either the boys or girls being sent to Casa Amor. There, they meet and mingle with six new bombshells at once before being given the choice to stay loyal or recouple with a newcomer of their choice.

Love Island UK Drama Explained

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Keep scrolling to revisit the most dramatic moments to come out of Casa through the years:

U.K. Season 3: Kem’s Love Triangle

Season 3 of the British show marked the introduction of the Casa twist, where Kem Cetinay quickly found himself interested in almost all of the bombshells. After bed-hopping around, he chose to bring back Chyna Ellis into the main villa instead of remaining faithful to partner Amber Davies.

While Amber also recoupled during Casa, she quickly refocused her efforts on Kem when he returned. The hairstylist, meanwhile, attempted to defend his actions with Chyna by stating that “every girl fancied me” and he didn’t know if he’d ever see Amber again.

U.K. Season 4: An Ex-citing Reunion

Jack Fincham was surprised on day 1 of Casa because his ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones, whom he texted days before arriving on Love Island, was set to be a bombshell. He kept saying, “Oh, my God” repeatedly when he saw her.

Jack, however, was not tempted to cheat on his official girlfriend, Dani Dyer, though she was fully freaked out when a video was sent her way of his shell-shocked reaction.

U.K. Season 4: She’s Loyal, Babes

Elsewhere in season 4, Josh Denzel was smitten by bombshell Kaz Crossley and nearly forgot about his partner of three weeks, Georgia Steel, entirely. Georgia, meanwhile, only spoke about missing Josh and was always planning to recouple since she knew he appreciated her loyalty. Josh recoupled with Kaz, blindsiding Georgia.

“How dare you, man?” Georgia quipped in response to seeing Josh walking in holding Kaz’s hand.

The Most Dramatic Casa Amor Moments From Love Island UK and Love Island USA Through the Years 293
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U.K. Season 5: A Short-Lived Reunion

Amy Hart spent the entirety of Casa missing Curtis Pritchard, who was busy getting to know Jourdan Riane. Jourdan, however, found a connection elsewhere, leaving the ballroom dancer to return to Amy. After the recoupling ceremony, Curtis came clean about his behavior, which made Amy upset.

“I was on my way back here to tell you that I loved you,” Amy now infamously retorted in her breakup speech.

Love Island UK Couples Still Together Where Are They Now

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U.K. Season 6: Heads Turning Left and Right

During the inaugural winter season, both Callum Jones and Nas Majeed had settled down with Shaughna Phillips and Demi Jones only to have their heads scrambled by Casa girls Molly Smith and Eva Zapico, respectively. Both Shaughna and Demi were blindsided during the recoupling ceremony.

“Congrats hun,” Shaughna even cooly told Callum of picking Molly.

U.K. Season 7: Millie Vs. Lillie

In season 7, Liam Reardon and Millie Court seemed like they were going to go the distance until he met Lillie Haynes in Casa and kissed her. Liam, however, chose to be loyal to Millie in the long run in a move that shocked Lillie.

During the recoupling ceremony, Lillie point-blank said that she expected to be chosen by Liam because of his repeated Casa assurances.

U.K. Season 8: Doing Bits Causes Big Problems for Andrew

Andrew Le Page shared a bed with bombshell Coco Lodge during Casa, where they had some NSFW extracurriculars under the covers. He even brought her back to the main villa despite his previous partnership with Tasha Ghouri.

Andrew and Tasha were able to rekindle things, but Coco’s revelation about the realtor “(sucking) her tit or whatever” still has Us reeling.

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U.S. Season 4: MIA Bombshell

Tigerlily Cooley briefly appeared as a Casa bombshell in season 4 of the American version.

“Hundreds of people have been asking why (I) disappeared on Love Island and I feel it’s only fair to the public to address my experience during Casa Amor, to the extent I am allowed to disclose,” she said in an August 2022 statement. “Coming onto the show, I was genuinely interested in getting to know one of the Islanders. However, their behavior off-screen crossed my boundaries and made me extremely uncomfortable.”

According to Tigerlily, she refused the cast member’s “sexual advances” before he allegedly “humiliated” her by spreading false rumors. Tigerlily never shared which OG islander — out of Jesse Bray, Chazz Bryant, Isaiah Campbell, Timmy Pandolfi and Jared Hassim — apparently “bullied (her) off the show.”

U.S. Season 6: The Casa Choice

Normally, islanders aren’t given a choice whether to go to Casa. In 2024’s season 6, host Ariana Madix gave the boys the option to go or stay behind with their partners. Miguel Harichi went viral after he enthusiastically sprinted from the kitchen to the bedroom to pack, proving he was on board from the start.

U.S. Season 6: Stealing Hearts and Handshakes

Aaron Evans coupled up with Kaylor Martin on Day 1, even coming up with a special pinky-swear handshake. When he went on the boys’ Casa mini-break, fans caught him doing the same gesture with bombshell Daniela Ortiz Rivera.

“It’s really difficult (because) Daniela is really really nice,” he said in a confessional. “She’s really really sweet. She’s super, like, kindhearted. So loads of (ticked) boxes.”

Aaron ultimately chose to remain loyal to Kaylor, who was left in tears over his Casa kisses. She opted to stay single — a Love Island first — instead of being in a couple with Aaron or another boy.

The Most Dramatic Casa Amor Moments From Love Island UK and Love Island USA Through the Years 292
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U.S. Season 6: Getting Steamy in Casa

Despite Kordell Beckham’s partnership with Serena Page, he couldn’t resist smooching Daia.

“We’re f—ked,” he told the guys in July 2024. “Y’all don’t even understand what happened, bro. I feel like a piece of s—t.”

According to Kordell, he “wasn’t trying to” make out with Daia but it happened after he asked to borrow lip balm.

“She smooth-talked me into it,” he claimed. “I thought it was just gonna be like a little peck.”

The Most Dramatic Casa Amor Moments From Love Island UK and Love Island USA Through the Years 290

Dumped islander Connor Newsum, who was eliminated before the twist, told Us in July 2024 that Kordell and Serena likely won’t pass the Casa test.

“I think Kordell might be very smitten by the idea that someone’s giving him that attention,” Connor told Us. “There were times where he felt terrible about reciprocating all that love that he was getting in Casa and being like, ‘Oh, my God, Serena’s gonna kill me.’ He definitely has feelings for her, so we’ll see on the other side.”

Kordell did recouple with Daia, much to Serena’s dismay. After he walked back in holding his new partner’s hand, Serena flipped her middle finger in his direction.

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