Logan Lerman Reacts to His ‘White Boy of the Century’ Title


Logan Lerman is “honored” to be named the “white boy of the century” by the collective will of the internet.

The actor walked the carpet at the premiere of his new Hulu miniseries drama We Were The Lucky Ones, and he jokingly addressed a tweet declaring him “white boy of the century” which was actually featured as the decoration on his 31st birthday cake back in January 2023.

“Oh, yeah! My fiancée put that on a birthday cake for me and pretty much made me explode of embarrassment,” Lerman recalled with a laugh, referring to his ladylove, Ana Corrigan.

“I’m honored,” Lerman said of the honorary title. “That’s really, really weird and cool at the same time.”

Lerman and Corrigan walked the carpet together on Thursday, where they posed and smiled for photos outside the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in LA.

Ana Corrigan and Logan Lerman at the premiere of 'We Were the Lucky Ones' in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 21, 2024. – Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

In his new project, We Were the Lucky Ones, Lerman stars opposite Joey King and Henry Lloyd-Hughes, as siblings from a Polish Jewish family which is torn apart during World War II, and remain determined to survive and reunite.

Looking back at his time making the series, Lerman said the best part was “the experience working with this group of people.”

“I mean, every department, all the cast members, all the writers and the scripts, it’s just every element of it was so joyful and fulfilling because of how wonderful they were — individually as people, but also at their craft,” Lerman recalled.

“I feel like it was the first time where I felt like everybody was working at the highest level,” he added. “And there were no issues in any department, and I was just so proud of the work that we did.”

We Were the Lucky Ones premieres March 28 on Hulu.



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