​​Lisa Vanderpump Discusses Dorit Kemsley’s Split From PK


In the swirling vortex of Beverly Hills society, where connections are currency, there are few as well-connected as Lisa Vanderpump

So, when news broke of the separation between Dorit Kemsley and her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, it was hardly a shock to the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Vanderpump didn’t hold back when asked about her reaction to the split, indicating she had been privy to the news well before it hit the headlines.

“I kind of heard from the hotel that he was staying in for many months that they had been separated for quite a long time,” she revealed candidly.

While Vanderpump confessed to not following every twist and turn of the RHOBH drama, she expressed empathy for Dorit during this challenging time. “As always, whatever my feelings are, I think it’s sad. They’ve got children involved, and I hope they work it out. I really do,” Vanderpump remarked.

Last week, Dorit and PK announced their decision to separate after nine years of marriage. 

“We as a couple have been subject to a lot of speculation about our marriage,” the message shared on Instagram began. “We have had our struggles over the last few years and continue to work through them as two people who love each other and share two amazing children together.”

The statement continued, “To safeguard our deep friendship and maintain a harmonious environment for our children we have made the mutual and difficult decision to take some time apart and reevaluate our relationship while we prioritize our children. We appreciate your love and support while we continue to do the work necessary throughout this journey, With love, Dorit and PK.”

Dorit and PK’s split comes as Bravo began filming the upcoming season of RHOBH.


Dorit and PK’s love story began in 2011 when they were introduced by mutual friends. The pair’s initial meeting was almost derailed when Dorit turned down PK’s first-date invitation due to a work trip to Hong Kong. However, PK’s persistence paid off, and they eventually went out, becoming inseparable from that very first night.

The couple’s love story blossomed, and they welcomed their son, Jagger, in 2014. Jagger has been a constant presence in Dorit’s social media posts, and the family seemed to be thriving. They celebrated their love with a lavish 1920s-themed wedding at New York City’s iconic Rainbow Room on March 7, 2015, overlooking the Manhattan skyline.


Their family grew even more with the arrival of their daughter, Phoenix, in 2016. Throughout these years, Dorit pursued a career in reality television, joining RHOBH in its seventh season with PK’s full support. The couple often displayed their strong and unbreakable bond, and they weathered the storms of the show together.

However, in 2019, the Kemsleys faced controversy and legal challenges related to questions about PK’s finances, which took center stage during the ninth season of the show. PK settled two lawsuits that year, and their attorney announced the resolution, saying that the couple was looking forward to moving on without the legal encumbrances of the past few years.


Despite the ups and downs, the couple celebrated their nine-year anniversary earlier this year, with Dorit sharing sentimental Instagram posts, commemorating their journey together.

“happy anniversary baby i love you ♥️,” Dorit wrote next to a sentimental selfie. 


But the love story that once seemed unbreakable has now come to an end.


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