Late Night With The Devil’s AI Art Controversy, Explained – SlashFilm


To be clear, the AI art in “Late Night with the Devil” is not abundant. It appears briefly, for mere seconds, in the form of interstitial cards meant to be part of the aesthetic of “Night Owls with Jack Delroy.” But even brief AI art is proving to be too much for some viewers, many of whom are calling for a boycott of the film. The boycott is based on the idea that if even a tiny bit of AI art slips through the cracks, then studios and filmmakers will think it’s okay to start using it in abundance — a concept that would put real human artists out of work. It’s also worth noting that “Late Night with the Devil” isn’t the first recent production to use AI art. Most notably, the Marvel series “Secret Invasion” used AI art for its opening credits, and the newest season of “True Detective” got caught using a bit of AI art as well.

As the backlash against “Late Night with the Devil” has grown, filmmakers Colin Cairnes and Cameron Cairnes released a statement (via Variety): 

In conjunction with our amazing graphics and production design team, all of whom worked tirelessly to give this film the 70s aesthetic we had always imagined, we experimented with AI for three still images which we edited further and ultimately appear as very brief interstitials in the film. We feel incredibly fortunate to have had such a talented and passionate cast, crew and producing team go above and beyond to help bring this film to life. We can’t wait for everyone to see it for themselves this weekend.

Star David Dastmalchian also weighed in, saying: “The only thing that makes me sad is we had an awesome graphic design team working on this film,” adding: “But I get it … (AI art) is something we’ve learned so much about in the last few years since we made this movie.” As Dastmalchian points out, “Late Night with the Devil” was shot a few years ago, and the public has learned more about (and grown to dislike) AI art along the way. Still, this all begs the question: in the time since the film was made, couldn’t the filmmakers have gone back and replaced the very brief AI art with art created by a real person instead?

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