Lala Kent Responds to Rumor of Ariana Madix Fallout at ‘VPR’ Reunion


Are Lala Kent and Ariana Madix no longer friends? 

As fans eagerly await the highly anticipated season 11 reunion of Vanderpump Rules, rumors of a dramatic showdown between cast members have ignited speculation across social media platforms. 

Amidst the buzz, the Bravo fan account Bravo Babe sparked a firestorm with a cryptic tweet hinting at a potential fallout between longtime friends Ariana and Lala.


Lala delved into the state of her friendship with her 38-year-old co-star, Ariana, during her appearance on Wednesday’s episode of The Talk.

Lala addressed the tweet from fan account Bravo Babe that stirred rumors, stating, “Rumor is that Ariana eviscerated Lala at the end of the reunion. Like friendship over type of situation.” In response, Lala engaged with the hosts, stating, “Only one of those things is true – I’ll let y’all decide.”

Adding fuel to the fire, host Andy Cohen teased the reunion’s intensity, describing it as “spicy” and commending Lala for her standout performance in season 11. However, Cohen’s remarks only heightened anticipation for the rumored clash between Ariana and Lala.

While Lala and Ariana appeared to be on good terms during season 11, recent comments made by Lala on the show and its after-show specials have raised eyebrows among fans. Lala’s remarks regarding Ariana’s handling of certain situations, including her decision not to inform co-star Scheana Shay about her participation in Dancing With the Stars, have sparked speculation about underlying tensions between the friends.

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Furthermore, Lala’s past experiences, including her highly publicized breakup with ex-fiancé Randall Emmett and her subsequent pregnancy via sperm donor, have added layers to her storyline and potentially influenced her perspective on relationships and friendships.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana had been together since 2013, when she first joined the show and called it quits last March after he was caught having an affair with their friend and co-star, Rachel Leviss. 

Bravo has yet to announce the air date for the season 11 reunion, but viewers can catch Vanderpump Rules on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.


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