Laila Abdallah Stuns In Shorts After Beach Date With Joe Jonas


Laila Abdallah, the talented actress known for her roles in Middle Eastern cinema, recently turned heads with her effortlessly chic style as she stepped out amid swirling rumors of a romance with pop star Joe Jonas.

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Laila Abdallah Shows Off Her Summer Style

On a sunny afternoon, Laila was spotted in a stylish ensemble that perfectly blended casual comfort with a touch of sophistication. She wore a vibrant, patterned scarf that added a pop of color to her look, paired with classic denim shorts that showcased her toned legs. The ensemble was completed with a simple white tee and stylish sunglasses, giving her an effortlessly cool and laid-back vibe.

Her choice of outfit highlighted her fashion-forward sensibility, effortlessly combining practicality with flair. The scarf, draped elegantly around her neck, served as the focal point of her look, drawing attention to her radiant smile and natural beauty.

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Enjoying Her “Favorite Place’

Laila captioned the share: “Quite literally my favorite place to be,” which was at the One&Only Aesthesis, a luxury resort in Athens, Greece.

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Spotted With Joe Jonas In Greece


As reported by the Daily Mail, singer Joe and Laila have been enjoying a sun-soaked getaway in Greece.

The 34-year-old singer was seen getting cozy with the 28-year-old brunette beauty on a picturesque beach in Athens on Monday. They were spotted hugging and playfully frolicking in the ocean, sparking excitement among onlookers.

Joe, who filed for divorce from actress Sophie Turner, 28, last year, appeared relaxed and happy as he soaked up the sun shirtless. Meanwhile, Laila stunned in a one-piece blue swimsuit that highlighted her fit physique.

Their affectionate behavior and shared moments in the water have only intensified rumors of a budding romance between the two, leaving fans eagerly watching for further developments.

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Shared Interests

According to reports, Laila and Joe share a lot of common ground, both being well-versed in the world of showbiz.

Joe rose to fame as a member of the globally successful band The Jonas Brothers and has made several movie cameos, establishing himself as an international pop star. On the other hand, Laila is a prominent actress in her native Lebanon, renowned for her numerous TV appearances and a distinguished acting career.

Their mutual background in the entertainment industry offers a solid basis for their connection, adding to the intrigue surrounding their rumored romance and captivating fans and followers alike.

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Who Is Laila Abdallah?

The actress, currently residing in Kuwait, started her career as a model in music videos before transitioning to acting. Over the years, she has appeared in more than 25 television series and secured roles in four films.

Laila hails from a close-knit family and is the eldest of four siblings. Remarkably, she is fluent in sign language, having been raised by parents who are both deaf and mute.

Much like Joe, Laila has also gone through a divorce. She married Iranian actor Abdullah Abbas in December 2017, but their marriage ended in February 2018.

On Friday, both Joe and Laila were spotted at the One&Only Aesthesis Grand Opening Party. It is unclear if they had met before this event.

The exact nature of Joe and Laila’s relationship remains uncertain, though they do follow each other on Instagram.

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