Kylie Kelce Reacts to Husband Jason’s St. Patrick’s Day Dance Prank


Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce.
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Kylie Kelce knows she had “no business” Irish dancing with professionals on St. Patrick’s Day.

“It’s the third edition of ‘Places Kylie Has No Business Being’ and that would be Irish dancing,” Kelce, 31, quipped in a Thursday, March 21, TikTok video. “Specifically, Irish dancing on a balcony in a bar in front of people next to actual Irish dancers. Nope, uh-uh. I haven’t Irish danced since probably 7th grade, and that is with the exception of occasionally when impaired in college.”

Kylie’s husband, retired Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, had stealthily conspired with a friend to get Kylie to show off her dancing skills during a St. Patrick’s Day bash on Sunday, March 17. Kylie, who married Jason in 2018, had taken Irish dance lessons growing up, starting when she was 4 years old. Sunday marked the first time she showcased her moves in several years.

“This little peanut here (Maggie) was the whole reason we even ended up at this bar,” Kylie recalled, alongside footage of the dance. “We wanted to see Maggie perform with her Irish dancing school, the McHugh School of Irish Dance. Please see the raised eyebrows (and) that head shake (that) says, ‘I’m not supposed to be up here.’”

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She continued, “Take note of this look right here. That’s the ‘Oh, you think you’re funny’ look, and I’m darting that right over to the two men who volunteered me for the activity: Jason, enjoying a Guinness, and our dear friend Chuck. Sleep with one eye open.”


The third edition of places Kylie has no business being! If you want timely posts, you’ve come to the wrong place. 🥰

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Kylie further thanked the crowd for “being so supportive” as she “embarrassed (herself).”

Jason, 36, and Kylie celebrated the holiday at the Towne House restaurant in Pennsylvania on Sunday, where students from the McHugh School of Irish Dance performed a routine. As they took the stage, it was announced that Kylie would be a special guest dancer.

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Both Jason and Kylie have deep roots in Pennsylvania, where they currently live with their three daughters. While Kylie hails from Philadelphia, Jason moved to town when he was drafted by the Eagles in 2011. He retired after 13 seasons earlier this month.

“It has always been a goal of mine to play my whole career in one city. I couldn’t have dreamt a better one and a better fit if I tried,” Jason said during a March press conference. “I know that I carry with me the lessons for my time here and that forever we shall all share the bond of being Philadelphians.”

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