Kylie Jenner Promotes Sprinter In Her High-Cut Metallic Swimsuit


Kylie Jenner appears more than ready to kick off the summer season with a Sprinter vodka soda in hand. The 26-year-old reality TV mogul and beauty entrepreneur recently graced Instagram with a series of stunning photos from a promotional shoot for her latest venture, a canned cocktail line.

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Kylie Jenner Showcases Her Toned Legs

In the initial image of the series, Kylie is seen perched stylishly atop an open mini fridge, which is brimming with cans of her new alcoholic beverage.

Dressed in a chic summer ensemble, she effortlessly combines her signature glamour with a laid-back, festive vibe, setting the perfect tone for the upcoming season.

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Tantalizing Fans With Her Sheer Display Of Skin

The photo shoot not only highlights Kylie’s knack for marketing but also showcases the sleek design of the Sprinter vodka soda cans, which are poised to become a summer staple for fans and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Her poised and confident demeanor in the photos signals her excitement and readiness to embrace the sunny months ahead; all while enjoying her latest creation.

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Dropping Jaws In A Swimsuit With High Leg Cuts

Kylie posed confidently in a one-piece silver metallic swimsuit that perfectly accentuated her figure, paired with matching strappy heels that added a touch of sophistication to her ensemble. She gazed into the camera with a sultry expression, her light makeup and soft pink lips enhancing her natural beauty.

The combination of her glamorous attire and the luxurious setting emphasized the chic, upscale vibe of the photo shoot, further showcasing her impeccable style and flair for fashion.

Kylie kept her thick, long locks wavy and framing her face, opting to ditch the jewelry for the shoot, adding a touch of effortless elegance to her look.

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Heating Up Social Media

Instagram | Kylie Jenner

In another image, Kylie transitioned to the floor, reaching into a fridge filled with cherries to grab a drink with one hand while holding two cherries delicately between her fingers in the other. A close-up snap captures the Kylie Cosmetics founder bringing the cherries to her lips, her gaze seductively meeting the lens. Another striking photo in the carousel shows her leaning against the fridge with one leg held high and her head tilted back, exuding confidence and allure.

She captioned the Monday Instagram post, “Pick your flavor @drinksprinter.”

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Stassie Karanikolaou And Victoria Villarroel Joins Kylie Jenner

Joining Kylie in this sizzling shoot were her best friends Stassie Karanikolaou and Victoria Villarroel. Stassie mirrored Kylie’s pose by sitting atop the mini fridge, her dark hair cascading down as she reached inside to grab a drink surrounded by grapefruits. The 27-year-old later posed beside the beverages, donning a metallic two-piece swimsuit while casually eating a grapefruit.

Victoria, embracing the lime flavor, posed next to a fridge stacked with limes and green canned sodas. She held a can between her calf, wearing a string bikini paired with the same silver heels, adding to the shoot’s cohesive and glamorous aesthetic.

The trio’s playful and vibrant energy, combined with their stunning looks and the tantalizing array of drink flavors, perfectly encapsulated the fun and stylish spirit of the Sprinter vodka soda brand.

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