Kyle Richards Slams Lisa Vanderpump Over Mauricio Umansky Comments


Lisa Vanderpump‘s “classic” move? Throw verbal jabs and run, at least according to Kyle Richards, who slammed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star as someone who enjoys stirring the pot.

First, the backstory. Vanderpump on Wednesday appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast, where host Alex Cooper asked her if she ever knew of a castmate’s partner who had cheated. Vanderpump affirmatively answered “yes,” before adding, “There was somebody that recently had this kind of complicated scenario. Yeah. In one of the shows. I’m not telling you. And I kind of knew. Yeah, I’ve known.”

Vanderpump claimed she never said anything to this person “because sometimes people don’t want to hear it.” Vanderpump then shared what she found surprising.

“They’re on a reality show and they’re living their lives. And, of course, all marriages have problems. Anybody that says, ‘Oh, he’s my perfect love’ and ‘They’re my king. My this, my that.’ I mean, f**k off. It’s your husband, get real,” she continued. “… Then, suddenly, they get divorced. But they’ve been saying, ‘Oh, love bean. Oh, my king. Oh, my this. Oh, my that.’ Life’s not like that. You’ve got two imperfect people living together that it’s not, you know, and that’s bulls**t. And on the reality show, suddenly, how many times have you seen this — especially on that show I used to be on — how many times (have you seen) ‘Everything is going just fine’ and then, ‘Oh, we’re getting a divorce?’ or ‘We’ve separated’ when it’s been going on for months and years.”

Fast-forward to Thursday, and Richards went off on Vanderpump for inferring that those jabs were in reference to Richards’ displays of happiness amid marital woes with Mauricio Umanksy and subsequent separation after more than 29 years of marriage. Richards and the Selling Beverly Hills star share three kids — Alexia, 27, Sophia, 24, and Portia, 16 — while Richards is also mom to 35-year-old daughter Farrah from her previous marriage.

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Ricahrds.JC Olivera/WireImage

“(Vanderpump) was trying to imply that when I was showing myself being happy, that I actually wasn’t, which is an absolute lie and she knows that,” said Richards some four minutes into her Amazon Live segment. “She just does that to be really mean. And then she goes on to say, ‘I’m not saying who I’m talking about. I would never do such a thing.’ This is what she does.”

She added, “It’s so funny how Lisa loves to do these kind of jabs and then does the, ‘I’m not saying.’ You know, this is always what she’s done … it’s very classic LVP. I’m actually happy to talk about her backyard, too. I’d love to talk about that. So, if she wants to talk like that, then I’d be happy to get into it with her about her side of the street. But I don’t think she wants that.”

Lisa Vanderpump at “BravoCon.”Rich Polk/Bravo via Getty Images

It was back in November when Vanderpump told ET that Richards is not someone she thinks about, even with so much interest and intensity surrounding Richards’ marriage.

“I actually don’t give her much thought, to be honest,” she said.

Meanwhile, Richards told ET last month that she’s leaned on her daughters amid the separation. She also admired how they’ve handled it all.

“They just have been the most unbelievable source of support for me,” Richards said of her four daughters. “It’s funny because I am the mom, but they are giving me advice and they’re just so smart and so together.”


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