Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky Unite Again For Family Dinner


Despite their split, the estranged couple recently reunited to celebrate Umansky’s birthday. Their commitment to family is evident as they marked the occasion with a special family dinner.

Even after Kyle Richards removed Mauricio Umansky’s last name from her Instagram account, the duo have been nothing but cordial with each other.

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Kyle Richards And Mauricio Umansky Remain Cordial At Birthday Reunion

Instagram | Mauricio Umansky

The reality TV stars appeared at ease around each other as they celebrated Umansky’s 54th birthday at Catch Steak, a popular WeHo spot for celebrities.

Exiting the restaurant separately, Richards made sure to wish the real estate mogul a happy birthday along with a warm hug.

Their daughters, who were also present, showered their father with affection as they said their goodbyes. Even with their united front, the duo still remain separate since announcing their separation in July 2023.

The family gathering highlighted their dedication to maintaining strong family bonds amidst changes, per TMZ.

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Back To Back Reunions

Umansky’s birthday dinner marks yet another occasion where Richards and her former beau have come together for the sake of their family. 

Last week, The Blast shared that the duo reunited to present a special birthday gift to their daughter, Portia. The memorable moment shared on TikTok saw the proud parents lead Portia to the door, playfully asking, “Whose car is that?” 

Tears filled the teenager’s eyes as she became emotional while approaching the car adorned with a giant bow. Unable to stop the tears, Portia warmly hugged her parents beside the extravagant gift dubbed “Portia’s new Porsche.” 

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Portia Umansky’s Heartfelt Surprise Sparked Fan Admiration

Portia Umansky photographed out door
Instagram | Portia Umansky

The heartwarming video shared by Portia’s sister, Sophia, ignited an overflow of love from fans in the comments. 

“So sweet! She’s so humble! Awwwe!!” one follower gushed. Thiswas followed by a second, who praised the teenager’s upbringing, writing, “And that’s on raising a grateful child.” 

Fans also observed the contrast between Portia’s gratitude and her well-to-do appearance. “I love how grateful she is despite being surrounded by luxury,” remarked one follower. Comments like these highlighted Portia’s down-to-earth nature.

A supporter also remarked on the dynamic of the celebrant’s family, describing them as “the closest family.”

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Another fan echoed the sentiment, but with an added desire for the family to reunite. “So sweet! Love that family, want them back together!” they enthusiastically noted.

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A Reminder Of Portia’s 14th Birthday

A close up photo of Portia Umansky
Instagram | Portia Umansky

Portia’s 16th birthday marks a departure from her celebration two years ago. When she turned 14, Richards and Umansky celebrated her milestone by sharing heartfelt messages on Instagram.

Richards shared a series of photos capturing her daughter’s growth journey before reflecting on the impact her daughter has had on their family.

In the caption, she wrote, “14 years ago yesterday, this incredible human came into the world, and we were forever changed.” The mother-of-four then expressed her pride and gratitude for her daughter, stating:

“I am so proud of who you are @portia_umansky You are an amazing daughter, sister, friend, student …Thank you for always making us laugh, keeping us on our toes, sharing your very strong opinions with us, still snuggling with us & just being an overall incredible person. We love you so much!! #thisis14.”

Similarly, Umansky marked the occasion with photos of Portia, captioning the images with a heartfelt wish for his “little love.”

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Kyle Richards Dropped Umansky From Her Instagram Profile

Kyle Richards at An Unforgettable Evening Benefiting The Women's Cancer Research Fund in Los Angeles

Despite their recent public appearance presenting a united front, Richards had previously taken a step toward moving on from her ex-husband. 

The Blast reported that “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star updated her social media profile to display her name as “Kyle Richards” instead of “Kyle Richards Umansky.”

This change, noted in May, reflects Richards’ adjustment following Umansky’s decision to move out of their shared residence. 

The father-of-four took steps to secure a luxury condominium in West Hollywood, notably in the same building where actor Matt Damon owns a $8.6 million unit.

Sources close to the situation indicated that Umansky’s relocation stemmed from his living arrangements with Richards.

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