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S. Craig Zahler’s 2015 film “Bone Tomahawk” is an exceptionally well-made Western built around a stellar Kurt Russell performance. The character he plays, Sheriff Hunt, might as well be an older version of his “Tombstone” character Wyatt Earp, since the two share several similarities — not least of which is having some kick-ass facial hair. But if Russell had his way, Hunt would have looked very different. As he told Esquire:

“For (Sheriff Hunt), I had to do a different version of him because I was getting ready for ‘The Hateful Eight.’ I would have changed my look significantly for this one. I would’ve had much shorter hair. Men at the time typically had shorter hair, but I looked around and there were all kinds of different looks. But I was really getting ready for Quentin’s movie and I had no choice because we finished on a Saturday morning at 10:00 and I started rehearsal on Quentin’s movie Monday morning at 8:00. I had to continue to grow my mustache. Not my beard. I cut my beard down, but I continued to grow the mustache, so it was a massive thing for ‘Hateful Eight.’ It’s a different look and I was getting ready for it. I had to cheat it. So the look I have in ‘Bone Tomahawk’ was sort of a halfway house thing, halfway to where I was going for ‘Hateful Eight.’ It’s in full blown maturity in ‘Hateful Eight!’ It’s a mustache wearing a man in, not the other way around! (John Ruth) is a far different guy. He’s a bigger that life character. The mustache said a lot.”

“Bone Tomahawk” largely flew under the radar when it was released, but if you’re looking for a lean, merciless movie with a strong premise, top-tier Kurt Russell and Richard Jenkins performances, an incredible sense of tension, and one particularly brutal kill scene that you’ll never forget, this one checks all of the boxes. Would “Bone Tomahawk” have been a better film if Russell’s character had shorter locks (or, god forbid, no mustache)? Hell no. When it comes to the hair, I’ll take “The Thing” Kurt Russell over “Soldier” Kurt Russell every single time.

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