Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes And X-Men ’97 Have One Unexpected Similarity – SlashFilm


The previous “Ape” movies explored divisions between these sentient simians, but through the lens of social class. In the upside-down world Taylor (Charlton Heston) finds himself in during the 1968 original “Planet of the Apes,” orangutans are leaders, gorillas soldiers, and chimpanzees thinkers. The ape species are not equal, but they exist as a single civilization under one law and god. 

“Kingdom” does something different and its intent is laid bare in that title. If apes had become the dominant species across the world, then of course there would be different ape cultures/nations across the land. Proximus leads a more militant and advanced clan that perverts the teachings of Caesar and enslaves the Eagle Clan to which our lead Noa (Owen Teague) belongs. “Apes Together Strong” — so all apes must live together under Proximus Caesar’s rule.

The theme in every “Planet of the Apes” movie is that the apes and humans aren’t all that different. As the apes evolve, they repeat man’s past sins. Conquering your less powerful neighbors and twisting ancient words for your own benefit? That sounds pretty human to me. Indeed, Proximus aspires to be even more human: to beat men at their own game.

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