Kim Kardashian’s Outfit Is ‘Joey Wearing Everything Chandler Owns’


Kim Kardashian was back to promoting Balenciaga earlier this month on Instagram, but her post didn’t come without its drama. Showing off an array of looks from the luxury Spanish designer she fronts, the 43-year-old mogul opened with a busty shirtless snap as she wore a fur coat, but it was her heavily-layered outfit in a further slide that garnered the most comments. Modeling a strappy top worn over a leopard-print minidress and with many more layers beneath the two items, Kim found herself mocked by her own followers, with a hugely popular comment likening the look to the iconic Friends scene when character Joey Tribbiani wears every item of clothing that fellow character Chandler Bing owns.

Going Busty For Balenciaga

Keeping glam in her opening snap, Kim offered up a massive cleavage flash as she braved a no-shirt look while rocking a fancy fur coat. Looking chic in shades, the Hulu star drove fans to swipe, where she shared the breakfast she’d enjoyed in her Paris hotel. Fans got a tray of fresh croissants and coffee, but they seemed more interested in the “I wore everything” look further along.

Joey Wearing ‘Everything Chandler Owns’

Posing from an old-fashioned hotel suite in this snap, Kim showed off her tiny frame in black lacy thigh-highs and matching black boots as she flaunted her toned legs in white stockings worn beneath her multi-layer, animal-print look. Appearing to wear at least four tops, Kim clutched a purse as she wore her dark locks tied back, with the final snap showing gorgeous fresh flowers as she enjoyed her five-star stay.

Over 23,000 likes were left to a comment reading: “5th pictures looks like when you were a kid and use to put everyone on in your wardrobe.” Also popular and referencing the Chandler and Joey scene was a fan saying: “Joey wearing everything chandler owns lol.”

“I could literally hear those words lol,” another fan replied. “I came here to say that,” a third chimed in.

Anger Over Balenciaga Return

In 2022, Kim faced backlash for being the face of Balenciaga as the brand faced a high-profile scandal. Everything exploded when an ad featuring children showed them holding teddy bears in bondage outfits, something that made Kim “re-evaluate” her dealings with the label. In an interview, the star later opened up stating:

“Even with the Balenciaga thing, it was like, everyone was like ‘Why aren’t you speaking out? Why aren’t you speaking out?’ And I’m like wait – I’m not in this campaign. I don’t know what’s happening, let me like take a minute to research this.”

Says People ‘Got Mad’

Continuing, the SKIMS founder added:

“And then as soon as I saw what everyone was seeing on the Internet and the reality of the situation, I completely spoke out and gave my – my thoughts on child porn and completely denounced it. But because I didn’t say ‘F— Balenciaga, that’s it.’ People got mad at that.”

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