Kesha Claps Back at Body Shamers After Criticism


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Kesha is not here for anyone talking smack about her body because she’s “so proud” of herself.

“I didn’t think in 2024 people still body-shamed but … I am so proud of my body,” Kesha, 37, wrote via X on Sunday, July 7. “She’s been through a lot. She’s torn her ACL on stage and finished the show. She’s held my f–king broken heart together.”

The singer continued, “To those who think you’re shaming me, you’re actually making me feel very powerful. So, to you, I hope you one day feel whole enough to not tear other women down. In the meantime, hate me harder bitch.”

Kesha concluded her post with a smiling face and bicep muscle emoji. She also uploaded two bikini photos to accompany her lengthy message.

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There’s no shame in loving your body. Thankfully, more Hollywood stars than ever before are preaching that message, and they won’t let body-shaming comments slide anymore. Lizzo has been vocal about trying to help people accept all body sizes. “I want to normalize my body. And not just be like, ‘Ooh, look at this cool (…)

Kesha has previously been candid about her body, even frequently discussing her recovery from an eating disorder.

“Finally I was like, ‘F–k. This. S–t. F–k this s–t. I’m hungry!’ And I am so anxious that I feel like I’m going to explode from all the secrets,” she recalled during a 2017 Rolling Stone profile. “All the secret times I’m pretending to eat or other times I’m purging, and I’m trying to not let anybody know. And I’m just f–king sick of this s—t. And I remember just shaking because I was so fed up, so anxious, and I was just mad that I had let myself get to that point.”

Kesha’s anxiety ultimately reached a pinnacle where she was “not functioning.”

“It was taking up so much of my brain space, from morning to night,” Kesha told Self in an August 2023 interview. I was obsessed with what I looked like, what went in my mouth, what size things were and people’s approval.”

Crediting therapy sessions and the creation of new routines, Kesha has learned to manage her anxiety.

“No one could have told me this 10 years ago, but … freedom from that obsession is there,” the “Joy Ride” singer told the magazine last year. “It takes work to get there. But sitting here knowing that I don’t count any calories, I don’t know what my pant size is and I don’t weigh myself is so beautiful.”

Now, Kesha makes sure to prioritize her health even when she is touring.

“I always have three meal breaks, ’cause being in recovery, I need to have time to sit and have a meal,” she told Self. “I have about 30 minutes before I go on stage where I meditate, stretch and do breathing exercises. People probably think I’m back there doing shots, and (my routine is) the most zen s–t you’ve ever seen.”

If you or someone you know struggles with an eating disorder, visit theNational Alliance for Eating Disorders website or call their hotline at +1 (866) 662-1235. Text “ALLIANCE” to 741741 for free, 24/7 support.

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