Lola Consuelos In Her Busty Dress Flaunts ‘Handsome’ Boyfriend


Lola Consuelos radiated love and admiration as she paid tribute to her boyfriend on his birthday, a heartfelt gesture reminiscent of the affectionate posts her parents, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, often share about their own joyful marriage.

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Check Out Lola Consuelos’ Birthday Tribute To Her Boyfriend

The 23-year-old daughter of the celebrity couple took to Instagram to celebrate Cassius, affectionately known as Cass, as he turned 25.

Lola shared a series of touching photos, capturing the essence of their relationship. In a sweet caption, she wrote, “Twenty-five has never looked this handsome!!! I’ll never want to know a day without you.”

Her heartfelt words and tender images conveyed the deep bond and affection they shared, echoing the loving and supportive relationship modeled by her parents.

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All Dressed Up

The 25-year-old towered over Lola in their pictures together, resting his hands on her shoulders in one photo where the duo looked elegantly dressed for a night out.

The aspiring singer rocked a green satin dress with a one-shoulder design and an open chest that highlighted her ample assets. Her striking outfit was complemented by a black lace bra underneath, adding a touch of allure to her sophisticated look. Meanwhile, Cassius sported a baby blue button-down shirt.

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In another endearing photo, the couple sported matching sweaters, with his reading “Smooch” and hers reading “Pooch.” The playful and affectionate gesture was captured in a cozy moment between them.

In a third snapshot, Cassius was caught off-guard wearing a pink fluffy hat, looking away candidly, adding a whimsical touch to the collection of photos.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Additional images showcased the couple enjoying vacation moments, capturing their shared adventures and leisurely times together. One memorable shot captured Cassius casually cycling around Chelsea on a Lime bike, reflecting their fun and spontaneous outings.

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Kelly Ripa’s Birthday Messages For Cassius


In response to the heartfelt tribute, the birthday celebrant commented, “To many more years together. l love you.”

The 23-year-old songstress wasn’t the only one celebrating his birthday. Ripa, clearly impressed by her daughter’s boyfriend, joined in with her own birthday wishes. She commented, “Happy birthday to the chicest of the chic!”

Together Since 2022

Lola and Cassius have been a couple for several years now, with their relationship highlighted by appearances together in Lola’s TikTok videos since 2022. They have reportedly made their home together in London, where Lola has immersed herself in the local culture and picked up some British quirks, as noted by her famous parents.

Ripa and Consuelos mentioned in September 2023 that Lola “spends all of her time in London,” underscoring her strong ties to the city and her ongoing exploration of life in the UK.

The “Riverdale” star mentioned that “Lola Consuelos, who has spent some time in London and has a British boyfriend, has started to develop a slight British inflection.”

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Meanwhile, the TV host clarified that “she doesn’t have a British accent at all” but acknowledged that Lola has adopted some British expressions and language nuances from her time across the pond.

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