Kayla Sessler of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Expecting Baby #3


Kayla Sessler of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant fame is about to be a mother of three!

Last year, we reported that MTV had canceled Teem Mom: Young & Pregnant after three seasons.

But cast member Kayla Sessler is still a young mother. Even without cameras rolling, her life still has its ups and downs.

Kayla is set to return to MTV, however. And she is once again pregnant.

Kayla Sessler on YouTube.
While vlogging, Kayla Sessler attempts to answer fan questions. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant alum Kayla Sessler is pregnant!

This week, Kayla Sessler announced to her Instagram followers that she is now pregnant with her third child.

Kayla’s third pregnancy is her first with boyfriend Ryan Leigh.

The announcement ignited a cacophony of criticism for her decisions. Some, however, are biting their tongues and offering her congratulations on the news.

“Made with love,” Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant alum Kayla Sessler captioned her announcement post.

At present, we can expect to see Kayla appear on the upcoming season of Teen Mom Family Reunion.

Based upon the timeline, it’s likely that she was pregnant when she filmed the show.

Kayla Sessler with dark hair and a piercing discusses her choices.
Speaking into the camera, Kayla Sessler discusses what she does and does not regret about her choices. (Image Credit: MTV)

Teen Mom Family Reunion filmed in Colombia back in September of 2023. This is the spinoff’s third season.

Reportedly, Kayla’s due date is as early as next month. So yes, that would mean that she was certainly pregnant in September.

The Ashley reports that production was aware of Kayla’s pregnancy, and that there will likely be a pregnancy “reveal” during the season.

Kayla Sessler speaks to the camera on MTV.
Speaking to the camera, Kayla Sessler discusses experiencing cheating. (Image Credit: MTV)

Kayla Sessler already has two children

Kayla has a daughter, Ariah, and a son, Izaiah. Their names are not especially unusual, except in their spellings.

Though Luke is not Izaiah’s biological father, Kayla has shared that he spends time with Izaiah in a parental role.

Just as Kayla already has kids, boyfriend Ryan has a son from a prior relationship.

Kayla Sessler with her roots showing and yellow-blonde hair tied back.
A blonde Kayla Sessler speaks to the camera for MTV viewers. (Image Credit: MTV)

There is a solid portion of Teen Mom fandom that thrives upon mocking and ridiculing the poor choices of the franchise’s cast — even when someone else made those choices for them.

However, some Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant cast mates of Kayla Sessler offered congratulations.

Kiaya Elliott, Rachel Beaver, and Brianna Jaramillo were quick to give her a shoutout in the comments. And so did several other members of the franchise.

Kayla Sessler on YouTube.
Vlogging on YouTube, Kayla Sessler holds a mini Q&A for fans. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Congratulations to Kayla!

The Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star will get to unveil her pregnancy on screen for those who haven’t seen the Instagram news.

And, for the next few weeks, followers will get to root for her on her journey to welcome Baby #3.

We wish her and her future baby the very best!

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