Kat Graham Says She Supports The UN’s Call For An Immediate Ceasefire’


Kat Graham recently defended her Jewish heritage and advocacy for peace amid online criticism.

Appointed as a UNHCR goodwill ambassador in 2020, she actively supports refugees, drawing from her Liberian and Jewish roots.

Last year, Graham married Bryant Wood, her best friend turned fiancè. She’s also set to portray Diana Ross in the Michael Jackson biopic “Michael.”

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Kat Graham Says She Does Not Support ‘Acts of Violence Against Palestinians’


Graham took to Instagram page to clap back at detractors in a lengthy post. She said: “In the last few weeks, I’ve been a target of strong and persistent criticism online focusing on my Jewish heritage and my family’s Israeli background.”

Expressing pride in her identity, “The Vampire Diaries” star continued: “Like all of us, I’m multifaceted: I’m proud of my Jewish identity, my Black heritage, and my role as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, the UN refugee agency.”

Graham clarified her stance as an advocate for peace, asserting: “I find it deeply troubling that some believe I would ever support acts of violence against Palestinians. I want to make it clear: I stand firmly with the United Nations’ call for an immediate ceasefire and the prompt release of hostages.”

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“I am guided by the belief that the essence of who we are, our birthplace, or the circumstance of our birth are beyond our control. Yet, choosing peace is within our power. I unequivocally oppose anything but peace,” Graham concluded.

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Kat Graham Appointed As Goodwill Ambassador For UN Refugee Agency

'Vampire Diaries' Star Kat Graham

Graham was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in 2020 after years of collaboration.

“The Parent Trap” actress has actively supported the organization as a high-profile advocate, raising awareness about refugees globally since 2013. She has also undertaken personal missions, visiting displaced communities in Jordan, Central America, and Ethiopia.

Reflecting on her ancestry, which includes Liberian and European-Jewish roots, Graham emphasized the personal significance of her advocacy.

She shared: “It’s not lost on me that if my grandfather had been killed while fleeing for his life, or my grandmother was taken to a concentration camp during the Holocaust, I would not be here today.”

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She added: “They were refugees, and I walk with their legacy. During the time of my grandparents, refugees often didn’t have anyone to speak up for them. As a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR, I pledge to speak up for the refugees of today.”

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Kat Graham And Bryant Wood Ties The Knot

Kat Graham attends the Accessories Council Excellence Awards.

Last year, Graham exchanged vows with her fiancè, Bryant Wood, in a low-key ceremony in Los Angeles. The couple donned matching white attire and had a friend officiate their union.

According to People  Magazine, the lovebirds plan for a grander wedding ceremony in 2024, but no specific date has been set.

Before their union, Graham and Wood were best friends for five years, and they co-founded the wellness company Modern Nirvana alongside Frank Elaridi.

In addition to his role as a breathwork instructor, Wood has also showcased his talents as an actor, appearing on reality shows like “America’s Next Top Model” and “The Circle.”

Kat Graham To Play Diana Ross In Michael Jackson Biopic ‘Michael’

'Vampire Diaries' Star Kat Graham

Graham is set to appear in the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic, “Michael.”

The actress, known for her roles in “Love in the Villa” and “The Vampire Diaries,” will star as the legendary Diana Ross, who played a pivotal role in introducing the Jackson 5 to the world and remained a lifelong influence on Michael Jackson.

Graham shared her excitement on Instagram by posting a photo of the announcement and writing, “Grateful to play the legendary Diana Ross. I can’t wait for everyone to see this film and the brilliant performance in it.”

She added: “Thank you, Graham King, Vickie Thomas, and Mr. Chaya for allowing me the privilege of supporting the retelling of such a pivotal era in our music industry.”

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Other cast members include Jaafar Jackson as Michael Jackson, Jessica Sula as La Toya Jackson, Kevin Shinick as Dick Clark, Liv Symone as Gladys Knight, and Kendrick Sampson as Quincy Jones.

Fans Are Excited To See Kat Graham Play Diana Ross

The reception to Graham’s casting as Ross has been met with positive reactions, with fans very happy to see her take on the role of the music legend.

One person wrote, “Congrats Kat!!! This is amazing! Best news ever! I can’t wait!!!”

Another said, “This is the first casting I’ve seen that actually made me shake from excitement.”

“Congratulations, Kat!!! You will be wonderful. Can’t wait to see it!” a third person noted.

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