Why Kane Brown Recently Kicked A Man Out Of His Concert


Kane Brown, 30, is currently on his “In The Air” tour, performing in many big cities such as Boston, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

But if there is “One Thing Right” that Kane did on his tour, it was kicking out a man after he decided to disrespect the country music artist.

During his Atlanta show, Kane Brown warned a man he would beat him up after the concert-goer flipped him off in the middle of a song.

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What Happened During Kane Brown’s Atlanta Show?


A video of Kane Brown kicking the man out is circulating social media, gaining attention from country music fans nationwide.

As the 30-year-old performs his hit song “I Can Feel It,” he waves someone in the crowd over to the stage. Between singing the lyrics, Kane says, “Come here, I wanna show you what flipping me off will do.”

“I’m gonna beat his a–,” Kane later says as he continues to wave the individual over to the stage. The man never approached the stage, but Kane didn’t let it slide, as he is then seen waving over a security guard and pointing out the concert-goer so he can be escorted out. “Hey, you see this dude (…)? Kick his a– out of here.”

This all happens as he is in the middle of his performance, not missing a beat or a single lyric—talk about multitasking!

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Fans Praise Kane Brown After Seeing The Incident Unfold

Kane Brown wears blue tux at 58th Academy Of Country Music Awards

After seeing the video, many sided with the country music star. “Kane prides himself on having a family appropriate show. SO many kids were at the concert I went to. Good for him!” one expressed.

“The stare-down while still performing. He’s great at multitasking, and I have no doubt he can throw hands,” another said, indicating Kane knows how to fight.

“Good for you, Kane!” a third commented.

One country music fan couldn’t help but point out his “integrity.” “Good for him! He has integrity and respect for his fans, family, and himself,” they said.

As another wrote, “Way to go, Kane! Perhaps people will learn how to be respectful – more artists should do this!”

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See The Video

“Kane Brown kicking a guy out for flipping him off in Atlanta,” the TikToker user, who posted the video, wrote in the caption.

After watching the video, many questioned the man’s actions. “Kane Brown is literally the sweetest. Why pay all that money to flip him off? I don’t get it,” one user commented.

Another said, “You go to a Kane Brown concert and flip him off? That’s a good way to waste your money.”

“Like why even bother paying money going and flipping him off?” one TikToker asked.

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Fans Are Confused By The Man’s Actions

Kane Brown at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Festival

The questions continued pouring in, as one social media user commented, “Why would you buy tickets to a KB show just to flip him off? That’s weird. Way to go, Kane Brown!”

“Why would you PAY to go to his concert and flip him off?” another asked.

“Why even go if you are going to disrespect the person you are there to see?” a third wondered.

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Bystanders Tell Their Side Of The Story

Kane Brown performing on stage

Other fans at the same concert took to the comments section to share what they witnessed.

“We were on the other side of the pit and were wondering what caused him to kick him out!!” one user said, thanking the TikToker for sharing the video.

“Thanks for posting. We were standing just a few feet away and couldn’t figure out what happened. Kane was furious after he ended that song!” another commented.

“I was there last night. That guy was messed up for flipping Kane off,” a third said.

Kane Brown On Country Music’s Influence

Kane Brown wearing a black tux

Earlier this year, Kane Brown expressed what country music means to fans and how it brings people together.

“Country music has so many fans from all walks of life because it really is a song for everybody,” he told CASSIUS. “Some people might feel like the support coming in for the music is new, but we’ve seen nothing but fans coming together and enjoying the music. It doesn’t matter what brings them there because we want people to listen to and enjoy country music, so the more, the merrier.”

Kane Brown has yet to comment on the incident.

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