Kaitlyn Bristowe Claps Back At Body Shamers After Backlash


Former “Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristowe is the latest celebrity to face backlash and body-shaming.

The 39-year-old, wearing a skimpy red bathing suit, shared a Fourth of July post, and social media users immediately attacked Bristowe for being “too skinny” and telling her to “eat a sandwich.”

After seeing the hateful comments on her recent Instagram post, Kaitlyn Bristowe clapped back.

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Kaitlyn Bristowe Responds To Critics Of Her Controversial Fourth Of July Post


The reality television star, who is originally from Canada, celebrated July 4th with her two fur babies and taking a swim with her family. “Two of us are from South Korea, and one of us is Canadian, but we are all grateful to be guests in your country,” she wrote in the caption. “Happy 4th. Don’t drink and drive.”

While the post was meant to be fun and celebratory, many social media users bashed Bristowe for her body. “Eat some food!!” one user wrote. Bristowe stood her ground, responding, “To be honest, I just ordered McDonald’s. Hopefully, eating miraculously changes my body to make you feel better.”

Another simply wrote, “Yikes!” after seeing the post, while a third commented, “I love you, but that bathing suit has got to go.”

“Not an attractive pic #eatasandwich,” one individual said.

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Social Media Continues To Attack Kaitlyn Bristowe For Her Latest Instagram Post

Kaitlyn Bristowe at CMA Fest 2024

The comments didn’t stop there. “Not sure why you post your skinny self all of the time,” one Instagram user wrote. “Love you but it is hard when one looked like that years ago but didn’t flaunt it.”

“You’re really just doing the most these days, in a very unstable way. Absolutely ridiculous to be dressed like this around children,” another wrote.

“Wear more clothes. You don’t have to look so trashy,” one user commented.

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Fans Stand Up For The Former ‘Bachelorette’

Kaitlyn Bristowe at 45th Annual Peoples Choice Awards in Los Angeles

Luckily, not all the comments were hateful. One social media user stood up for Bristowe, addressing “everyone one with a negative comment” to say, “One day your comments are going to land on someone that isn’t strong enough to read what you’ve said and let it go. You very much are going to push someone over the edge. You are cruel and mean and for what!?! The comments are ruthless.”

“Many (are) saying she is seemingly unstable… so you pile it on?” they continued. “You think sh-tty commentary makes it better? She’s a beautiful woman with a seemingly genuine heart. Let that be enough. Damn, the world is in such sad shape.”

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The former “Bachelorette” acknowledged their comment, thanking them for standing up. “Bless you angel. It’s so confusing. They’re all waiting for a mental breakdown while trying to contribute to it. It’s all on them,” she said. “Not everyone has to like me, but they could at least not embarrass themselves on my page.”

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See Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Instagram Post

Another also stood up for Bristowe, writing, “WHY are people so damn insecure and rude on her? Kaitlyn, you look awesome and that jealousy and anger of other women just needs to stop!!! Not every slim body is unhealthy, and even if it was, which I don’t believe nor see, it’s none of your people’s business to point out!!!”

“I don’t know how you Americans dress around children, but I’ve never seen a child traumatized by having fun in a pool and being taken care of by a confident woman looking gorge!!” they added.  “You look stunning, Katy!”

Social Media Wants To Spread Positivity

Kaitlyn Bristowe at Dancing with the Stars rehersals

Many of Bristowe’s fans continued to call out the body shamers, including one who said, “All the mean comments about her body on her own page just need to stop. It’s one thing to criticize the bathing suit or an object, but it’s a completely different thing to go after her, her body, etc. She has a mirror. She can see what this looks like on her.”

“Clearly, she’s ok with it, and it was what she was going for. Whether we understand why or not doesn’t give us the right to spew hateful comments,” they added. “There’s a lot of people that don’t agree with her choices. But most aren’t here. They are hanging out on pages they like. If we don’t like her, her content, her choices, her clothing, then we ought to move along.”

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Another simply said, “Why are there so many comments judging a woman’s body and her choice in a suit? This world has gone to sh-t.”

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