Joy Behar Slams Late Queen For Not Abdicating Throne To Allow King Charles ‘Have His Day In The Sun’


Joy Behar of “The View” criticized the late Queen Elizabeth II for seemingly delaying her son, King Charles III‘s ascension to the throne, suggesting term limits could have allowed him to reign sooner.

Charles, 75, assumed the throne in May 2023 after the Queen’s passing. Recently diagnosed with cancer, he has temporarily suspended public duties for treatment.

Amid news of his diagnosis, his son Prince Harry swiftly flew down to the U.K. to be by his side despite their frosty relationship.

Joy Behar Slams Queen Elizabeth For Not Letting King Charles Reign Earlier


During a recent episode of “The View,” Joy Behar commented on Queen Elizabeth II’s son, King Charles III, not ascending the throne sooner.

Behar expressed sympathy for “poor Charles” as he waited “so long” to ascend the throne. The comedienne suggested that the Queen’s lengthy reign could have benefitted from term limits.

“I mean, [Queen Elizabeth] was in the position for 70 years, you know, and the longest reign. I think that she could have used some term limits,” she explained. “It’s like, why not step down and let Charles have his day in the sun?”

Behar lamented the timing of Charles’ reign, adding: “The poor guy, he finally gets to be king, and now he has an illness. That doesn’t seem fair. There’s something wrong about it.”

King Charles Diagnosed With ‘A Form Of Cancer’

Coronation King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, London, UK - 6 May 2023

Following Queen Elizabeth II’s passing in September 2022 at 96, Charles, 75, was crowned King in May 2023.

Ten months into his reign, Charles was diagnosed with benign prostate enlargement after he began experiencing symptoms. However, a recent statement from Buckingham Palace suggested the monarch’s health has taken a turn for the worse.

The statement reads: “During The King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer.”

Although the specific cancer type wasn’t revealed, officials stated he’d receive regular treatment, leading to a temporary suspension of public duties.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also assured BBC Radio that Charles’ cancer was “caught early” and he was maintaining regular communication during treatment.

Prince Harry Arrives In London To See King Charles

Prince Harry accuses William of physically attacking him in his book "Spare."

During the discussions on “The View,” Behar, 81, and her co-hosts also touched on Prince Harry’s swift response to news of Charles’ medical condition. Following the public announcement of Charles’s diagnosis, Harry, who was notified beforehand, arrived in London without his wife, Meghan Markle, and their children after an overnight flight from the U.S.

According to Page Six, the Duke of Sussex made a brief visit to Clarence House to see his father. Shortly after, Charles and Queen Camilla were driven to Buckingham Palace and later flown by helicopter to their Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

The drive to Buckingham Palace marked King Charles’s first public appearance since the diagnosis. He seemed to be in good spirits as he and Camilla waved to the supportive crowd.

At the moment, Charles has reportedly commenced outpatient medical care under the supervision of his specialist team of doctors and has postponed all royal duties.

According to a palace source who spoke to the Telegraph, Charles is “in his usual good form in every way, just a little frustrated that his condition has affected not just his own plans but impacted on others.”

Prince Harry And Prince William Reportedly Have No Plans To Meet

Meghan Markle Will Not Be Joining Prince Harry For Visit To 'Sick' King Charles

Reports suggested that Harry had already communicated with his father before arriving in the U.K. His visit has also sparked speculation about a potential reconciliation with his brother, Prince William, who is currently focusing on his wife’s recovery from surgery. However, the estranged brothers reportedly have no immediate plans to meet.

The tensions within the Royal Family, as highlighted in Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” seem to be majorly between the two brothers, but according to Harry, Charles made a plea to his sons after Prince Philip’s funeral, asking them not to make his “final years a misery.” However, there has been no reconciliation between the siblings.

As of now, the Prince of Wales has not made any public statements regarding the king’s diagnosis. However, it is anticipated that he will assume some of his father’s official duties while the king focuses on his health, although the Palace emphasized that the monarch will maintain his constitutional obligations.

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