Joey King Shares Best Part of Married Life With Steven Piet


Joey King has a relatable favorite part about being a married woman. 

Talking with ET’s Ash Crossan from the Los Angeles premiere of We Were the Lucky Ones on Thursday, the 24-year-old actress said that she is having the best time being married to Steven Piet and that their favorite thing to do together is pretty low-key. 

“Watching Frasier in bed every night before bed, that’s kind of the — I mean, among many other things,” King said, laughing. “Honestly, it’s funny ’cause like not much has changed because we’d already lived together but everything is just like a little bit sweeter.” 

Joey King at the 'We Were the Lucky Ones' premiere on March 21 in Hollywood – Getty Images

King and Piet, 32, first met while filming Hulu’s The Act, a miniseries based on the life of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. They were first romantically linked in 2019 and announced their engagement in 2022

“I never knew happiness could be so powerful that it can take the air from your lungs, overwhelming every part of you that you can’t help but feel your eyes well from the undeniable joy,” King wrote in her engagement announcement.

The couple tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony in Mallorca, Spain back in September, surrounded by dozens of their close friends and family members.

Joey King and Steven Piet at the 'We Were the Lucky Ones' premiere – Getty Images

On Thursday, the newly-minted husband and wife stood by each other’s side and posed for pics on the carpet before walking in to screen the first episode of her new series. For King, the show is a deeply person project

“I really hope that people just feel the uniqueness of this family story,” she shared. “I hope that the story allows people to kind of just hold compassion in their hearts for anyone going through any kind of pain without judgment.”

In the TV adaptation of the homonymous best-selling novel, Logan Lerman plays Addy Kurc, the real-life grandfather of Georgia Hunter — the author of the book. King plays Halina Kurc, Addy’s sister. The show and the book follow the Kurc family during World War II as they are separated and struggle to find each other again.

Joey King and Logan Lerman at the 'We Were the Lucky Ones' premiere – Getty Images

We Were the Lucky Ones demonstrates how in the face of the twentieth century’s darkest moment, the human spirit can endure and even thrive. The series is a tribute to the triumph of hope and love against all odds,” a description for the series reads. 

King and Lerman — longtime friends and co-stars from the 2022 film Bullet Train — both told ET that having each other on set is something they were grateful for. 

“It was great, it was so great. I mean, working with Joey is like the best ever because you get to go to work with your best friend and I hope we get to do it more times,” the Percy Jackson actor said. “We’re talking about what’s the next thing we can do together ’cause we enjoy it so much.”

In February, the pair appeared at a Television Critics Association event, where the on-screen siblings and off-screen friends said they felt compelled to join the cast based on their own experiences as individuals whose family members escaped the Holocaust.

“I think it’s important to tell these stories for every generation. This is about when hate goes unchecked,” Lerman told the audience.

“Being able to explore a role that touches on my own ancestry, it’s very personal,” King added. 

Watch a trailer for the new Hulu miniseries in the player below: 

We Were the Lucky Ones premieres on Hulu on March 28. 



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