Jim Jones Speaks After Going WWE On A Man During An Escalator Fight! (VIDEO) 


Jim Jones recently tumbled down an escalator while traveling. TMZ first shared the now-viral footage of Jim exchanging blows with a man at the airport.

What Happened With Jim Jones On The Airport Escalator?

There are few details about where Jimmy was headed or what started the fight. After the footage began making its rounds, he took to Instagram Story. All he asked for was a “second,” seemingly suggesting he was coming back with details.

It appeared that the rapper headed straight to his stay and had places to be. But he assured fans he was “aight.” He didn’t seem to have any bruises or cuts on his face.

Concern spread online because the video is WILD. It starts with Jim and a man confronting each other on the downward-moving escalator. The man seemingly shoves Jim, standing below him, and sends his hat flying. With his blue cap only on, Jim Jones picks this man up and slams him on the escalator! They both slide down a couple of stairs. At the bottom, Jimmy and the man keep exchanging blows, and another man seemingly joins, beating on Jim.

Bystanders and sheriff officers showed up on the scene seconds later and broke up the fight. Jim Jones could be heard telling them two people were “jumping” him.

Swipe below to see the footage. 

Jim reportedly told TMZ, though, that he was defending himself.

“I was minding my business and defended myself. They got what they were looking for,” Jim reportedly said.

It’s unclear if anyone was detained or if anyone involved, including Jim Jones, plans to press charges.


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