Jennette McCurdy Freaks Over Confetti Cannon While Celebrating Milestone


What’s a celebration without confetti, panic, and some screams?

Just ask Jennette McCurdy, who recently celebrated another big “I’m Glad My Mom Died” milestone.

The popular memoir, which shares the former Nickelodeon actress’s life and the abuse she dealt with from her mother before she died in 2013, has spent 80 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list!

Cue the confetti (and anxiety)!

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Jennette McCurdy Set Off A Confetti Cannon To Celebrate Another Book Milestone

Instagram | Jennette McCurdy

McCurdy has celebrated quite a few milestones regarding her bestselling book. She recently took to social media to celebrate another exciting moment with her fans.

“80 weeks, number one, baby,” McCurdy said as she prepared to set off a confetti cannon. “I’m scared. I don’t like loud noises.”

As she struggled with the cannon, fear noticeably built up in the author. After throwing a few choice words into the air out of fear, she finally got the cannon to go off and as the confetti shot out, she let out a blood-curdling scream and then put her hands on her ears.

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“My heart’s pounding so fast right now,” she said as she sat on the floor with fear all over her face. “My heart is racing. I can hardly breathe. Oh my God, that was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. That’s what the next memoir’s about.”

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Jennette McCurdy’s Quick Celebratory Video Went Viral Quickly!

McCurdy shared her confetti cannon anxiety on TikTok and the video received more than 23 million views and 25,000 comments.

Some viewers focused on the milestone itself and others could relate to the “iCarly” actress’s fear and anxiety over the confetti cannon.

“You did not have to traumatize yourself like that for us,” one fan wrote in the comments. Another added, “I feel like this video somehow summarizes the book.”

One fan shared a simple, “Congratulations you are amazing,” and another said, “You deserve it. Thank you for sharing your story.”

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Jennette McCurdy Also Celebrated Over On Instagram

McCurdy also shared a celebration for her big milestone on her Instagram page. She captioned a carousel of photos, “Thank you so much for making IGMMD a New York Times bestseller for 80 weeks. And back as the #1 audiobook. Insane!! Appreciate you all.”

Many of McCurdy’s fans dropped into the comment section to share their thoughts on her book and how reading it has helped them through their own tough situations.

“Can I just say that I listened to this audiobook, and I have never had such an amazing time listening to someone so eloquent about the ups and downs of child stardom and familial conflict. Thank you so much for sharing your story,” one person wrote.

Another shared, “Your book changed my life and helped me grieve and process something very important to me. Thank you for everything.”

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One other follower just finished reading “I’m Glad My Mom Died” last week and shared, “Your honest perspective has made me hyper-aware of tendencies I have as a mother. And the s— I need to stop doing. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.”

Jennette McCurdy Celebrated The ‘First Birthday’ Of Her Book In August

McCurdy’s book turned one in August and she celebrated with a cake that resembled the book’s cover.

“Happy first birthday IGMMD. Thank you all so much for making this book a NYT bestseller for one entire year,” she captioned a carousel of celebratory photos. “I honestly can’t believe it. I’m grateful every day for the crazy ride this last year has been and for the incredible opportunities that have come from it. It’s thanks to you all.”

Celebrating this big book milestone had fans and readers sharing a little of their own stories and why they appreciate her book in the comment section.

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“I have never connected too hard with a memoir/autobiographical book like this before. I cried early on when you talked about how you grew up, the state of the house, because I get it and I lived it. I loved how real and vulnerable you were with your audience. Listening to you read aloud your own book was amazing too. I really choked up with you in the hard parts, you did fantastic. I hope you continue writing so I can continue supporting your writing,” one person shared.

Another added, “I’m listening to the audiobook currently, just in time for Mother’s Day, coincidentally, but man is it hitting for me. I’m sorry you went through that, and I’m sorry for young me for what I went through. My mom is still with us, but I know when her day comes it’s going to be conflicting feelings for me.”

Jennette McCurdy Took Her Book On The Road In 2023

Jennette McCurdy speaking at the Sydney Opera House
Instagram | Jennette McCurdy

Last year, McCurdy promoted her memoir on the road. One memorable place she visited was the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

“Speaking at the Sydney Opera House was unforgettable!! Years ago, I hit what I consider my ‘rock bottom’ in Australia, in the backseat of an Uber, while looking at the Sydney Opera House from afar, down a tooth and a lot of hope, fresh off purging my Tim Tams,” she wrote in the caption of a carousel of photos and videos from her experience.

“I didn’t really believe things could get better, but knew if there was any chance of that happening, of things changing, that I was gonna have to start by changing the only thing I had any control over: myself.”

Her realization and happy ending hit fans in a way that made them emotional.

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One fan shared, “Listening to this book, once again, while seeing this post brings tears to my eyes. If you can turn your life around, so can anyone, everyone else.”

Another fan said, “I am nearly finished reading your book. You are so inspirational. You write so eloquently about such harrowing experiences, and most importantly, you speak the TRUTH. You are awesome.”

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