Jayda Cheaves Apologizes To Eaunoir Swim For Waydamin’s Copycat Swimsuit Design (UPDATE)


Well, roommates, it looks like Jayda Cheaves is standing on “good business.” On Tuesday (May 14), she admitted that another designer’s swimsuit inspired one of her swimwear designs.

However, she offered no apologies for what some, including the other designer, implied was a rip-off. Now, the Waydamin founder is apologizing for how she handled the situation.

Jayda Cheaves Apologizes To Eaunoir Swim

On Wednesday (May 15), Cheaves shared a screenshot of her Instagram direct message (DM) to Eaunoir Swim.

First, she apologized, writing, “I am very sorry about all of this.” Then, the influencer explained that she noticed the brand hadn’t been selling its “flower bomb” design since 2021 and ultimately believed adding it to her mood board wouldn’t “be a big deal since there’s plenty of other brands with that same concept.” 

“I definitely understand how this made you feel because I’ve been a victim of things like this before & I’d hate to not go about this the right way without taking the accountability as a Black female business owner as well,” Jayda wrote.

Additionally, she clarified that she doesn’t plan to sell the similar Waydamin design. Cheaves also wished the brand “the best and much success.”

“Maybe one day we can collaborate on something even hotter. Xoxo, sorry again.”

Elsewhere on her Snapchat, the influencer reacted to a comment saying SHEIN and Temu also copy designs.

“As I sat with this issue I realized just because this happens to me daily doesn’t make it right for me to do the same whether it’s been years, months or days. Imma take the L, stop the production, and get back in the booth with my design team. Simple. I take pride in always doing good business,” she wrote.

She also shared another comment asking if she was “drunk” and suggesting she push forward with the design if it’s already in production. Jayda affirmed her original comment of nothing being new in the fashion world.

However, she added that she believes in “do unto others what you would have them do to you.” Also, the influencer says her sobriety made her think, “Hell nah I can’t do that” to Eaunoir Swim.

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Recap: What Happened Between Jayda & Eaunoir Swim

A woman claiming to be the best friend of Eaunoir Swim’s founder first revealed the copycat allegations on X (formerly Twitter). In a thread, the woman explained that her bestie paid Jayda in 2020 to wear and promote her swimsuit on social media. The suit consisted of a yellow 3D floral top and matching bikini bottoms.

Fast-forward to this month: Jayda has been promoting new swim designs for her brand Waydamin. One of the designs closely mirrored the one Eaunior Swim paid her to wear. The main differences were the orange color and the non-floral bikini bottom.

After the X thread went viral, Jayda Chaves responded on Instagram, admitting that the 2020 bikini was on her “mood board.” She added that there was “no shade” but that fashion is “about remaking and recreating.”

In response, Eaunior Swim released a statement via Instagram, revealing they’ve been trying to get the same “flower bomb” design copyrighted since 2021.

Swipe below to see the company’s receipts.  

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