The Darkest Thing Dennis Never Actually Did In It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – SlashFilm


Howerton’s performance on “Always Sunny” is one of the best on any sitcom ever, and it’s honestly one of the best on television. He’s absolutely petrifying, a narcissistic, sociopathic individual whose obsession with appearances and legacy drive him to obscene lengths. Dennis is a working-class Patrick Bateman, so absorbed in his own delusions that he doesn’t realize just how terrifying he can come across. In “The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods,” Charlie (Charlie Day) tells Dennis that he’s “like a serial killer” and Dennis takes it as a compliment. He sees other people as either pawns to be manipulated or targets to be dominated, with the exception of his dead mother and his twin sister Dee (Kaitlin Olson), whom he says he loves and threatens with very specific violence in equal measure.

While “the implication” is incredibly dark, it’s not the worst thing Dennis has done (or planned) 16 seasons on, because he’s probably guilty of murder and he’s definitely guilty of a whole lot of crimes against women. We will have to wait and see if he ends up becoming an actual serial killer or if Maureen and Dee’s date were just special circumstances, but with the “Sunny” gang, anything is possible.

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