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Much like anxiety slowly upsets our lives, that’s exactly how the character of Anxiety comes to be the dominating emotion that controls Riley’s decisions while she’s at a week-long hockey camp that could really set her on a promising path into high school. Maya Hawke brings the awkward, troublesome emotion to life in a fast-talking, charming yet subtly menacing way that makes her sudden turn against Joy and the core emotions rather surprising.

In order to find a voice that matched the character, director Kelsey Mann and producer Mark Nielsen went through Pixar’s typical casting process. This is the same process that landed them the original “Inside Out” voice cast, providing us with such perfect casting as Lewis Black, a comedian known for his outbursts of angry observational comedy, as Anger.

During a press conference at Pixar Animation back in March, where the studio showed us the first act of the film, Mann recalled “Inside Out” director Pete Docter referencing Black’s casting when giving him advice for finding the voices of the new emotions:

“Pete gave me advice, he’s like, ‘Like Lewis, you wanna cast people that kinda embody that in the characters that they play, but they also are like that off microphone. And Lewis is totally like that even when he’s off microphone. So, he’s like, ‘You want somebody who’s like that, who just is that way, just as the way they are in life.'”

With that advice, Mann and Nielsen listened and considered a variety of voices for the new emotions without seeing the actors’ faces. Mann explained, “I have a list in front of me that just says Actor #1, Actor #2, Actor #3, and then they go, ‘Okay. Actor #1,’ and then they just play a bunch of clips. And I go, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.'” So when the time came to find the voices for anxiety, Mann broke down the process:

“All I do is, I look at the picture, like Anxiety, I’ll look at our artwork that we have of her, and then they’ll just play. And I go, ‘Does that fit? Does that feel right?'”

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