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Problems happen on every film set (yes, even and especially on your favorite movie), but when you’re making an independent film without the assistance of a Hollywood studio, there’s no money hose to make all of those problems go away. Weather problems were a factor in the reshoots, as well as an unfortunate medical issue with the original actor who played the masked slasher, Johnny, who ended up leaving a little ways into production. 

“We had to recast on the fly, but we had to have other people step into the role before we actually could find somebody to recast,” Nash explained. “So there’s I think probably, grand total … five or six people playing Johnny during that first block of shooting that we tried to do.” But the necessary reshoots weren’t relegated to problems popping up beyond anyone’s control. “And there were just other issues that … I naively wrote a dog into the film,” Nash joked.

I exclaimed that he was breaking the cardinal sin of filmmaking by including one of the four most difficult things to include in a film — fire, water, kids, and animals — and “In a Violent Nature” already includes scenes around a fire and a scene around a lake. “There was a scene at a lake that was much more needlessly complicated the first time we tried shooting it,” he said. “In A Violent Nature” features some pretty intense kill sequences, including one that reportedly made people physically ill. Asking producers to reshoot was a pretty big ask, but Nash told me that the entire team knows now that it was the right call to make.

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