Ice-T Slams Lenny Kravitz’s Celibacy Journey: ‘S**t’s Weird to Me’


Ice-T has strong thoughts about Lenny Kravitz‘s recent reveal that he’s been celibate for several years

On Thursday, the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star took to social media to react to the tidbit Lenny shared during an interview with The Guardian

On X (formerly Twitter), Ice-T wrote, “Hey….. If you’re a Guy and you can voluntarily go 9yrs without sex… You’re following the wrong page.. 💥.” 

Although the actor didn’t tag Lenny, the reference was clear to X users who replied to his tweet. While some commenters merely laughed at Ice-T’s post, others pushed back on the rapper speaking out about Lenny’s decision. 

“Why judge him though? It’s his choice. He’s different to you…,” one X user asked Ice-T. “I don’t think it’s fair to assume something is wrong with him just because he’s chosen to be celibate for a long period. I think there are many humans who can & do abstain for long periods for various reasons. Choice.”

The rapper responded, “S**t’s Weird to me….. I love to F**k. A lot.”

“F that Journey…. lol,” he replied to another user who commented that Lenny isn’t “weird” for his choice

Lenny explained that his tumultuous relationship with romance served as a major reason for his decision to be celibate.

The 60-year-old rock star told The Guardian that he’s struggled with the infidelity “curse” his father, Sy Kravitz, put on him. When he discovered that his father was cheating on his mother, actress Roxie Roker, Sy glibly told Lenny that he would end up doing the same thing.

“He became right. After the marriage, I became more like him. I was becoming a player,” Lenny said of his dating life after divorcing Lisa Bonet in 1993. “I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to be that guy. So I had to tackle that and it took years.”

Lenny added that he took “responsibility” for his behavior and learned not to let his desires “take over.”

Lenny Kravitz and his ex-wife Lisa Bonet recently celebrated the rock star’s 60th birthday in Paris, France, at the Hôtel de Crillon.Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The course of action resulted in Lenny not being in a serious relationship for nine years. The Blue Electric Light singer has spoken about embracing celibacy for several years; he first mentioned abstaining from sex until marriage in 2008, saying he had not had sex in the previous three years.

“(It’s) just a promise I made until I get married. Where I’m at in life, the women have got to come with something else, not just the body, but the mind and spirit,” Lenny told Maxim in 2008. “It usually trips them out, but that’s the way it’s going to be. I’m looking at the big picture.”

But in 2011, he told Details that his remarks got “blown out of proportion.”

Now, the singer says he’s still practicing celibacy as he waits for the right partner. “It’s a spiritual thing,” he shared, adding that although he would “love” to be in a relationship now, he thinks he might struggle. “I have become very set in my ways, in the way I live.”

Lenny has been linked to many famous faces over the years. He and Lisa Bonet, who tied the knot in 1987 before divorcing in 1993, have earned the title of friendliest celebrity exes. The former couple shares a daughter, Zoë Kravitz, 34.

Lenny Kravitz celebrated his 60th birthday with his ex-wife Lisa Bonet and their daughter Zoe Kravitz.Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

After Bonet, Lenny briefly dated Kylie Minogue in 1991, although little is known about his relationship with her. The “American Woman” singer then dated singer and model Vanessa Paradis for five years, breaking up in 1997. He produced her 1992 self-titled album, and the couple recorded a duet together titled “Silver and Gold.”

After Paradis, Lenny dated Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, popping the question to her in May 2002. But by 2003, the couple ended their engagement. 

Lenny then got engaged to Nicole Kidman not long after his previous engagement fell apart. The pair kept their relationship under wraps — it wasn’t until 2017 that fans knew they were almost married.

Lenny was most recently linked to lingerie model Barbara Fiahlo in 2018. TMZ reported that the two were packing on the PDA that January, but they broke up sometime in the summer of that year.

Earlier this month, Lenny sat down with CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King and opened up about how he’s ready for love now more than ever in his 60s.

“Right now, I’m just open,” he said of his love life, adding that he is always looking — which might be the problem. “When you desire something, you’re looking for it, right? But I find that when you don’t look is when you find it.”

He added, “I can say that I’ve never felt how I feel now.”


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