Hulk Hogan’s Daughter Has Fans Seeing ‘Through’ Her Bikini


Hulk Hogan’s 35-year-old daughter Brooke Hogan proved immensely popular as she showed off her stunning figure in swimwear in an Instagram share posted in July 2023. Sharing an ethereal shot that upped the ante, the former reality star posed outdoors and from a field, also cranking up the heat as she opted for wet hair.

Flaunting her killer curves in a tiny string bikini that may well have been wet, the Hogan Knows Best star spoke of her “superpower” in her caption, even asking fans to share theirs. Clearly liking the skimpy display, one user cheekily replied their superpower was “seeing through bikinis.”

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Stunning In Bikini From A Field

Scroll for the photo. Posing fairly close up as she offered up a cleavage flash, Brooke reminded fans of her goddess curves as she rocked a tiny, halter bikini with a stringy finish.

Leaving little to the imagination as she freed the nipple, the blonde shot the camera a direct gaze while also flaunting her abs, captivating fans with her beauty and making sure to flash her belly piercing. Allowing her damp locks to fall around her shoulders and upper arms, Brooke also showed off her plump pout via a lightweight face of makeup. In a caption, she wrote: “My superpower is seeing through bulls***. What’s yours?!”

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Fans had spotted the caption. “My superpower is how patient I can be while waiting on the world to hear your new music,” one fan told the singer, adding that they were “j/k.” Another told Brooke: “My superpower is finding the absolute worst shopping cart in a supermarket and not realizing how bad it is until I’m midway in the store.” Eyeing up the stunner’s curves, a third joked about seeing “through bikinis” as they pushed the boundaries.

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Green Bikini For Workout Talk

Last May, Brooke shared this selfie as she posed in a plunging green bikini while telling fans that she wanted to build more muscle. Reflecting on her past wellness philosophies as she admitted that she wasn’t too body-positive in her late teens, she wrote:

“Does that 18 year old- 2x a day gym- broccoli and chicken breast diet discipline ever come back? Im feeling liiiiike no? So now it’s a new phase of life, new fitness journey. Luckily years of weight training helped me keep some sort of shape in these few years I’ve basically not worked out or eaten right.. but what bothers be the most is that I can feel it in my bones.”

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Was ‘Strong Like A Bull’

Continuing, Brooke shared: “I used to be strong like bull. Now im weak sauce. Im not even concerned with weight, I just wanna be strong again!!!! I’m on my way, slowly but surely! One less chip with queso… and one more deadlift at a time.”

Fans flooded the comments with love, reminding Brooke that she looks “great” and even sending her green heart emoji.

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