Horror Sequels With Better Rotten Tomatoes Scores Than The Original – SlashFilm


Most franchises use sequels as an opportunity to recycle what made the original film successful. “10 Cloverfield Lane” doesn’t do this. In fact, without its title, there are no explicit ties between it and its predecessor, “Cloverfield.” The films inhabit different genres, focus on different characters, and vary in Tomatometer score — the first has a 78% while the second has a 90%, suggesting a difference in quality. However, these are strengths, not weaknesses, for they showcase the breadth of the “Cloverfield” universe.

The original “Cloverfield” will always be an iconic film, using found footage a la “The Blair Witch Project” to reinvent kaiju movies to chilling effect. This kickstarted a cinematic universe with seemingly endless possibilities, so J.J. Abrams said “hold my beer,” and produced a taut and claustrophobic chamber piece starring an entirely new cast of actors. Originating from a script not intended for the “Cloverfield” universe, director Dan Trachtenberg’s psychological horror story feels like its own story while still scratching the franchise’s sci-fi, paranoid itch. However, performances from John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead give it an extra edge that helped it further stand out from its predecessor. If all sequels treated themselves as spiritual successors, like “10 Cloverfield Lane,” the film industry would be in a better place.

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