Mia Farrow Had An Unexpectedly Pleasant Run-In With The Devil During Rosemary’s Baby – SlashFilm


At any rate, after all the simulated movement was done, the actor politely said goodbye to Farrow — while still wearing his full beast costume and makeup. The actress recalled:

“At the end of it all he stands up and he puts out his hand and he said, ‘Miss Farrow, it was a pleasure to work with you.’ This is a nice actor man, you know? With his vertical lenses and everything. I was like, ‘Oh, it’s lovely to work with you too.'”

In general, Farrow described the assault scene being filmed in a professional manner. She told Vice she chose not to get naked for the film’s nude scenes, so a body double was hired to act in her place in the sequence that involved “being tied to a bed for days on end with no clothes on.” She also recalled that actor Sidney Blackmer, who played Rosemary’s friendly old neighbor (and secret Satanist) Roman, spoke about trying to remain respectful during a moment in which he had to paint the double’s chest. “He said it was a little awkward,” Farrow recalled. “He said, ‘I just had to see it as if I were painting on a canvas or, you know, the way a butcher carves meat, they don’t think of it as an animal.’ He had some way of dissociating himself from painting on a girl’s chest.”

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