Holly Sonders Disappears Into Laundry Machine In A G-String


Holly Sonders was doing her “chores” in this popular Instagram photo, one shared to the 36-year-old’s account in May 2021. Proving that celebrities can do their own laundry, the former golfing face and girlfriend to boxer Oscar de la Hoya got into housewife mode as she did the laundry, even disappearing into the machine as she flaunted her sensational figure in a thong. Flaunting her jaw-dropping legs and gym-honed backside, Holly thrilled her fans with her cheeky moment, one captioned “Monday chores.” Fans have left the photo over 12,000 likes.

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Holly Sonders Does ‘Monday Chores’ In A G-String

Scroll for the photo. Clearly out to drive her male followers wild as she showcased her model-like proportions, Holly was photographed bent over and with her head and shoulders inside her washer-dryer. Sizzling in a loose-fitting tee and going pantless, the brunette rocked only a thin black G-string down below, making sure to show off her sculpted legs and tiny waist as she flashed her rear.

Letting her skimpy cropped t-shirt ride up as she reminded fans of her tattoos, Holly also peeped a white pedicure as she stood barefoot and on hardwood floors, with a similar second photo showing her bending one leg.

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With some laundry items seen on the machine and on the floor around Holly, fans got the full “chores” vibe, with a caption also giving a nod to the start of the working week.

“I have a sock stuck in my dryer! Can you Help?” one fan cheekily asked. Others sent the star long strings of fire and heart emoji. This wouldn’t be the first time Holly has done the chores in next-to-nothing.

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Doing The Ironing In A Swimsuit

In April 2023, Holly delighted her fans with this photo, posing with an iron and by her ironing board as she got busy pressing clothes. Stripped to a skintight white swimsuit as she flaunted her curvy figure in what was likely a hotel room, Holly even rocked high heels as she wrote: “Wifey Things.”

Holly has long made headlines for her revealing looks, something she refuses to apologize for. Back when she was competing in golf, she revealed: “Some people would comment, You’re objectifying her.’ There was just no other place to put me, honestly. The cameras were in the wall. I dress the way I dress because style is very important to me. I love being a girl. You can be a pit-bull competitor. You can want to kick people’s asses in every sport, but you can still be feminine and still be sexy.”

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Stunning In Sheer Red Bodysuit

Ditching the swimwear in this look, Holly went for a more sensual, demure pose as she folded her legs to one side and simmered in a heavily embellished, red bodysuit. Wearing dollar sign earrings and spiked stiletto heels, she wrote: “Invest in yourself and your ideas. They’re worth it.”

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