Goalie Mikayla Demaiter In Crop Top Celebrates ‘Women Crush Wednesday’


Hockey goalie Mikayla Demaiter loves to share videos with her 3.2 million followers on Instagram!

The Canadian model may not be playing hockey anymore, but she still knows how to captivate her fans’ attention with her stylish outfits!

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Mikayla Demaiter Is Leaving Fans At A Loss For Words

On Wednesday, Mikayla played with her long blonde hair as she posed in a tiny crop top and booty shorts. She paired her look with open-toe heels that showed off not only her lean legs but her pedicure. “Leaving you at a loss for words one post at a time,” she wrote in the caption of the video set to Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away.”

“Looking very beautiful every time you post pics and reels,” one fan commented. “Well worth it, gorgeous,” another follower wrote. “You look so beautiful,” a third fan gushed. “Women crush Wednesday. I love you, beautiful,” another follower shared. “You don’t miss,” another fan chimed in while another follower called her “breathtakingly gorgeous.”

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Mikayla Captivates Hearts Even When She’s On Vacation!

Earlier this year, Mikayla shared a video that featured her walking toward the camera in a crop top, shorts, and open-toe sandals to show off her pedicure. She fluffed out her hair with both hands before she looked up and smiled at the camera. “I may be on vacation, but captivating hearts is a full-time job – one I take very seriously,” she wrote in the caption.

“This was my vacation,” one fan commented. “Hello there and you always captivate me with your beauty every time you post,” another follower wrote. “This beautiful blonde comes strolling down the street,” a third fan gushed. “Traveling to beautiful and exotic locations is your full-time job, and we’re all so thankful for it! Have an amazing one,” another follower wrote along with the hashtag “caption queen.”

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Mikayla Demaiter Struts Her Stuff In Daisy Dukes

Fans love to see Mikayla show off her long legs. In another post from last November, Mikayla placed one foot in front of the other as she walked toward the camera. For this occasion, she is wearing a black crop top along with daisy dukes and platform sandals. The video is set to a 2017 remastered version of Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

“Me… smiling on Insta…?! This must be declared a holiday immediately,” she joked in the caption. “I wholeheartedly agree. We are so not worthy of gorgeous divine goddess powers,” one fan gushed. “You look fantastic here! Your smile is golden!” another follower exclaimed. “Well, consider it officially declared! Happy holiday to us!” a third fan exclaimed while another follower added, “Every word you say is true! And you are so good at it!”

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Mikayla Puts The Ten In Tennessee!

The very first reel on her Instagram page dates back to November 2022. The Canadian model certainly brought the country vibes in a video that featured her wearing a long-sleeve crop top and daisy dukes. What really stole the show were her cow-print cowboy boots. For this video, Mikayla tied her long blonde hair up in a ponytail.

“Putting the ten in Tennessee,” she wrote in the caption as she flaunted her fit figure for her fans. “The boots almost got me,” one fan commented. “Adorable. You just need a cowboy hat too,” another follower wrote. “You are a superb and beautiful woman. A real beauty. Just magnificent and very pretty,” a third fan gushed while another follower told her, “Unless you’re in Tennessee, it doesn’t count.”

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Fans Love Mikayla Demaiter’s Sense of Humor!

Although fans love to see her steamy snaps, they also can’t get enough of her sense of humor and witty captions. “After seeing this video, scientists are beginning to question if lava truly is the hottest thing on Earth,” she joked in the caption. “And we can’t blame them,” a fan replied.

Interested in more Mikayla Demaiter content? Fans can’t get enough of the retired hockey goalie! In another recent Instagram post, the Canadian model was dubbed a “Jungle Queen” while posing in a striped bikini! Fans can check out those steamy snaps by clicking here!

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