Unknown High-Altitude Balloon Flying Over Western U.S. Catches Military Attention


The U.S. military is keeping its eye on a high-altitude balloon that has been drifting in the sky over the Western U.S. region.

Authorities released a statement about the discovery while assuring citizens that it poses no threat to their well-being.

High-Altitude Balloon Of Unknown Origin Floats Over U.S.

Per reports, the balloon began flying over U.S. space earlier in the day and caught the attention of authorities and the government.

The military command responsible for air defense over the U.S. and Canada, NORAD, in a statement revealed that the unidentifiable object was floating between 43,000 and 45,000 feet.

“The balloon was intercepted by NORAD fighters over Utah, who determined it was not maneuverable and did not present a threat to national security. NORAD will continue to track and monitor the balloon,” NORAD said in a statement, according to CBS. “The FAA also determined the balloon posed no hazard to flight safety.”

The high-altitude object was described as a balloon seemingly made of Mylar with a small cube-shaped box about two feet long on each side. As of this writing, authorities are not aware of its origin or purpose, but it is believed the balloon will fly over Georgia on Friday night.

The unusual sighting is reminiscent of the February 2023 sighting of the Chinese Spy balloon that contained surveillance equipment before it was shot down by a U.S. fighter jet on February 4.


A statement by a senior State Department official revealed that the balloon contained “collection pod equipment, including high-tech equipment that could collect communications signals and other sensitive information, and solar panels located on the metal truss suspended below the balloon.”

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