Heidi Klum Reveals Her Weight Amid Reported 900 Calorie-A-Day Diet


Heidi Klum experienced the ugly side of media reporting as her August 2023 Instagram Q&A got taken out of context. In a candid reveal about her diet and lifestyle last summer, the 50-year-old model and reality judge had The Daily Mail thinking that she only eats 900 calories a day, something Heidi promptly denied.

Additionally, to show fans exactly how much she weighs, the America’s Got Talent judge bravely stepped on her scale and on camera to set the record straight. The average woman generally needs around 2,000 calories per day. 900 calories is considered a starvation diet.

Does She Eat 900 Calories A Day?

The Daily Mail covered the food mentions as Heidi told fans that she kicks off the day with three poached eggs in warm chicken broth, but it was Heidi saying that “she doesn’t eat more than 900 calories a day” that didn’t sit right with the blonde.

“I just got home and some friends are sending me these articles that have been written that I only take in 900 calories,” Heidi said. “For one, I want to say I don’t think I’ve ever had to count my calories in my life.”

Revealing Her Weight

Continuing, the German-born star confirmed that she doesn’t count calories, adding that she’d also been asked about her weight.

“And I got on the scale and showed how much I weighed,” Heidi added.

“And I don’t know, people just put things together and just write a bunch of crap. And it’s really sad because there is no real journalism anymore. People just make up stories. So one person writes it, and then everyone jumps on it and it’s really sad because you know, people read that and they think that and possibly follow that, and that’s not good,” the mom of four angrily stated. Per Life & Style, when Heidi stepped on the scale, the number read 138 pounds. Heidi had, in 2017, listed a typical daily diet as she spoke to Women’s Health, mentioning salmon and turkey lunches and dinners, plenty of vegetables, plus olive oil and 70% dark chocolate.

Says Her Treadmill Is ‘Unused’

Keeping the section about her workouts pretty short, Klum admitted: “I have a treadmill that’s really great, but it just sits there unused. It looks nice, but I don’t have time to use it.” The former Victoria’s Secret Angel didn’t only mention ultra-healthy foods, though. Heidi is happy to dine out as she shared: “(I was) out to dinner this weekend, and truffles are in season. I had to have the truffle pizza and the truffle pasta. It’s not like I don’t (indulge), but not all the time.”

Jaw-Dropping Figure At 50

Heidi is seemingly blessed from above. The leggy beauty looks closer to 35 than 50 as she continues to rock skimpy outfits and swimwear on her Instagram, and the genetic streak is also seen in 19-year-old model daughter Leni Klum.

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