Has This TikTok Creator Unintentionally Birthed THE Summer 2024 Smash Hit?


Just messing around, a content creator who goes by @girl_on_couch may have just created a hit TikTok sound that can double as the theme song of summer 2024.

Her original video went viral with nearly 7 million views, and two follow-up videos also went viral. Viewers love the song and want to see it go somewhere special!

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Girl On Couch Randomly Created A Song Viewers LOVE!

TikTok | Girl_on_couch

“I’m looking for a man in finance, trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes.”

Just playing around, this TikTok content creator may have struck musical gold. (We’ll call her Girl, since we don’t know her name.) Girl was just spitting bars about her perfect man and viewers are really loving it!

She captioned her video, “Can someone make this into an actual song plz just for funzies.” Her video quickly went viral and thousands of thoughts and suggestions poured into the comment section.

“I’m looking for a man in finance, trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes,” she continued singing. “I’m looking for a looking for a looking for a finance, trust fun, 6’5, blue eyes, finance, trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes.”

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Many Viewers Feel The Short, Catchy Tune Will Go Far!

Thousands of people dropped into the comment section to share their thoughts and suggestions on the new hit song of the summer.

“Waiting for one of those TikTok DJs to edit this and appear on my FYP in a month,” one person wrote. Another added, “I’m making this into a house track as we speak.”

One viewer is getting ready for a new summer hit saying, “Tag me when they add the track. This is going to be my summer jam.”

Another predicted, “This is going to be viral.”

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Girl On Couch Added More To Her Short Song

Just one day after sharing her now-viral video, Girl shared an update with more lyrics. She shared her update while responding to the comment, “This sounds like something Charli XCX would release.”

“Okay, I added some more. So after I go like, I’m looking for a man. I’m looking for a man. I’m looking for, looking for, looking for, I’m looking for a man in finance, trust fund, blue eyes, 6’5,” she shared. “After that, I’m gonna be like, head to Murray Hill, where we chill.” And it didn’t stop there.

She said she plans to keep adding and “working together” and expects DJs to “submit their best work.”

“So please, if you remix this, and if you’re a DJ, tag me,” she said. “Because I’m looking for a man.”

And her viewers are ready for the magic to start pouring in!

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“I need the DJ submissions to happen,” one person said in the comments. Another added, “Ok but we also need all of the 6’5 men in finance to stitch this too with the blue eyes filter, for research.”

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Another Follow-Up Video Get More Viewers Excited About The Possibilities

Another viral video about the tune got more viewers sucked into the hype hoping that the song takes off in a big way. Lots of fans shared their excitement over the tune, as well as some big brands and companies.

Linktree took to the comments to say, “I’m singing this in my next marketing meeting.”

Mario Badescu Skincare also left a comment, “Been singing this all day. BRB Headed to Murray Hill with a boom box.”

And Cameo shared, “You ate with this one tbh.”

One viewer thought this song could be “perfect for a dating app ad” and another wants to hear the song “on Spotify.”

And There’s Already A Remix!

And just like that, there’s a remix!

Artist, producer, and TikTok content creator Malibu Babie dropped a remix for Girl’s original tune. She added something to the song that everyone seemed to vibe with – “Welcome to the Hamptons.”

In less than a day, her video received more than 777,000 views! Many viewers shared their thoughts on the remix in the comment section.

“I just know Scott Disick is GROOVING to this nonstop,” one person hilariously wrote. Another said, “I’m so obsessed with this.”

Turns out that Malibu Babie isn’t new to producing remixes. One of her followers dropped into the comments to inform others in case they weren’t aware.

“Yall this lady produced Her by Megan Thee Stallion OMG,” one viewer wrote, to which Malibu Babie replied, “& Super Freaky Girl by Nicki.”

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Many others shared they are hoping to hear the remix in the club and on Spotify this summer.

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