Hallmark’s Marcus Rosner, Rebecca Had to ‘Work to Be Professional’


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Marcus Rosner joked that his friendship with costar Rebecca Dalton was a hindrance while filming Hallmark Channel’s Falling Like Snowflakes — but they made it through.

“We actually had to work to be professional at times,” Rosner, 34, exclusively told Us Weekly on Thursday, June 27.

The actor let out a laugh as he elaborated on why his connection with Dalton, 35, often made him break character on the “Christmas in July” film, which premieres on Saturday, June 29.

“We’re just so relaxed with each other,” Rosner shared. “Our spouses are friends and we’ve gone, like, camping together, or cottaging. … I know her very well.” (Rosner married producer Alison Kroeker in 2021, while Dalton wed former IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe in 2019.)

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Ultimately, the twosome’s friendship — and their close proximity in a snowplow — made it harder to get through a scene. “We would be in the middle of takes where we’re sitting in this plow trying to pretend to crash,” Rosner recalled. “There’s a moment where you can look in another actor’s eyes and see if they’re kind of B-Sing.”

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He confessed: “There’s so many times where I was just like, ‘You’re not really in it.’ And she’s like, ‘You’re not really in.’ Then we just crack up and start laughing and waste everybody’s time.”

Although some takes took longer to finish, Rosner told Us that overall, the shoot was “pretty easy” with Dalton. “We (have been) friends for a few years now, and I’ve cast her in projects of mine,” Rosner said, revealing that he thinks it was Dalton’s “good word that got me this part. So that was something I’m grateful for.”

Falling Like Snowflakes follows photographer Teagan (Dalton) who is on a mission to find the “elusive 12-sided snowflake” in the nearby mountains. She enlists her ex-boyfriend Noah (Rosner), who has a degree in atmospheric science and now drives a snowplow, to help her make it safely through a storm to capture the image.

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While much of the movie takes place on the road and inside the plow, Rosner told Us that he sadly didn’t get behind the wheel.

“I want so badly to say that I actually drove that thing for even, like, a foot, but they would not let me,” he admitted. “We actually had a shot lined up at one point where I was gonna drive it 10 feet just to at least one shot of me driving this thing. And then at the last second, I just got shut down by the producers.”

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Rosner noted that the producers made the right call by not letting him drive the rig as it is the real deal. “I was expecting like a very like idealistic Hallmarky plow, and it was indeed like one of the city plows,” he said, noting, “If there was a big blizzard, they were gonna have to take it.”

Although Rosner teased that the idea of driving “a plow for two hours” was part of what drew him to the project, there was more in the script that kept him around.

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“I like the chase of the snowflakes. That was kind of unique. I had no idea there were 35 different kinds of snowflakes,” he explained. “And I had no idea what a 12-sided stellar dendrite was. I’m kind of a nerd, so I like the science aspects of this one.”

Rosner added that he “really bought into” the story they were telling on screen. “These movies always attach themselves to a unique niche part of society that you probably don’t know much about,” he continued. “And you get to learn about that while also enjoying pretty people falling in love.”

The Hallmark star also resonated with Teagan’s journey to find a rare snowflake because it held a deeper meaning to her. “The message is don’t stop chasing your dreams,” Rosner teased. “(Teagan) doesn’t give up and she barrels into outright danger. I guess that’s the message. Be fearless in chasing your dreams.”

Falling Like Snowflakes premieres on Hallmark Channel Saturday, June 29, at 8 p.m. ET.

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