Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle Ending Explained: The Volleyball Anime Reaches Its Emotional Climax – SlashFilm


The Karasuno volleyball team first met the boys from Nekoma way back in season 1 during a training camp, where we learned the two teams were longtime rivals and had both fallen on hard times recently. Immediately, rivalries were formed, which eventually gave way to mentorships and friendships as both teams faced each other in several training camps throughout the anime’s first four seasons.

Among these relationships is that of Shoyo Hinata and Kenma Kozume, the former a middle blocker for Karasuno in love with volleyball and the latter a setter for Nekoma who only plays to support his best friend, the team’s captain. Elsewhere, both teams’ liberos, Nishinoya and Morisuke, learn from each other, while Nekoma’s Kuroo and Karasuno’s Tsukishima become friendly and give each other pointers.

Last we left the characters, Karasuno had just made it to the third round of the Spring High National Tournament. There, they would have to face off against Nekoma in their long-standing dream of competing in an official match, dubbed the Battle of the Garbage Dump.

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