Gypsy Rose Blanchard Pregnancy Rumors Addressed Amid Tattoo With Ex


Pregnancy rumors have been swirling surrounding Gypsy Rose Blanchard, and now we know if she really does have a bun in the oven…That is, according to a source close to the ex-convict.

As you probably know, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who was released from prison last year, married Ryan Anderson in 2022, while she was serving her sentence. Just months after she got out on parole, the two have called for a separation.

Despite the recent news, many fans were still convinced that Gypsy Rose was pregnant.

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Pregnancy Rumors Swirl Surrounding Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Instagram | Ryan Anderson

The rumors all started after Ryan shared the above photo on his Instagram page on February 27, 2024. “Me and my little family cuddling together,” he captioned the post, which showed Gypsy’s belly and Ryan’s hand lying on top. Their new pup was also seen cuddling up next to the couple.

“Oh my god, you are pregnant. You got down straight to business,” one user said.


A third commented, “WAIT! I missed a few chapters…”

Just weeks after this controversial post was shared by Ryan, the two announced a separation.

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Announces Separation From Ryan Anderson

Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard Really Pregnant?
Instagram | Ryan Anderson

“People have been asking what is going on in my life. Unfortunately, my husband and I are going through a separation and I moved in with my parents’ home down the bayou,” she wrote in her statement. “I have the support of my family and friends to help guide me through this. I am learning to listen to my heart. Right now I need time to let myself find… who I am.”

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Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard Really Pregnant?

Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard Really Pregnant?
Instagram | Ryan Anderson

TMZ has been told that the recent rumors surrounding Gypsy Rose possibly carrying a bun in the oven are false — and if she was pregnant, she wouldn’t have gotten matching dog tattoos with her ex-fiance, Ken Urker.

However, Ken’s mother failed to elaborate further on the pregnancy claims. It was also noted that there is nothing romantic going on between Gypsy and Ken, according to Ken’s mom.

Fans are having a hard time staying up to date with Gypsy’s personal life outside of sources speaking out because she recently deleted her social media accounts. After ghosting her millions of followers on social media, Gypsy Rose released a public apology.

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“Number one, to all the people that I offended with a lack of accountability, the first month or so that I was out of prison and the lack of accountability in my interviews, I’m sorry,” she said, adding, “I’m learning. I take accountability for my part, and I’m saying this right now. I’m taking accountability. I did a bad thing.”

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Story

Gypsy Rose's Husband Dishes On Second Wedding Following Prison Release

As you may know, Gypsy Rose Blanchard spent seven years in prison after she pled guilty to the second-degree murder of her mother.

Although a formal diagnosis cannot be determined, investigators believe her mom, Dee Dee Blanchard, had a psychological disorder referred to as Munchausen by proxy, which WebMD describes as “a psychological disorder marked by attention-seeking behavior by a caregiver through those who are in their care.”

“The person with MSP gains attention by seeking medical help for exaggerated or made-up symptoms of a child in their care. As health care providers strive to identify what’s causing the child’s symptoms, the deliberate actions of the parent or caretaker can often make the symptoms worse,” the medical website adds.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Was ‘At Her Mother’s Mercy’

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Details Her Future Family Goals
Facebook | Dee Dee Blanchard

Dee Dee said Gypsy was suffering from leukemia and muscular dystrophy, convincing doctors and others that Gypsy needed a wheelchair and a feeding tube. She also claimed Gypsy had suffered from seizures, asthma, hearing and visual impairments, amongst other illnesses and disorders.

“I was at her mercy for everything,” Gypsy said of her mother’s abuse. “So, to go to the bathroom, for food. As punishment, she would not feed me every day and she would eat whatever she wanted.”

She went as far as convincing doctors to perform surgeries and prescribe medication — all of which Gypsy never needed.

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